Ryan Smyth

.. with the NHL trade deadline looming Tuesday, I hear that Ryan Smyth may be traded by the Oilers. Anyone hear if there is a renewed effort to sign him, or are they going to try to trade him.

Although this should probably be in the off topic forum, yeah the rumours are swirling. He’s already said there will be no home town discount, but will he be worth the money he wants three years from now? They are talking but I think if they can’t get close by Tuesday they will move him, rather than risk losing him for nothing and then try to resign him as a free agent. It’s a popular topic on the call in shows these days in Edmonton.

I posted it here because I wanted to hear what Oiler fans thought. I really believe that it would be a shame if they could not come to some sort of an agreement. You dont see many too many players stay with one team anymore, and it would not be a good sign for the new CBA if Smyth and Iginla go elsewhere because they are too pricey for the Oilers and Flames, respectively.

I agree with that although like I said the Oilers can probably afford it, but then the key becomes the contract length. I think they are more concerned that they won't be gettting the same return on their dollar 3, 4 or 5 years from now

....even as a rival fan I am sad to see Smyth going from the Oilers....he is a gritty player and fun to watch, even when he's in front of Kipper.....can't even view the Oilers message board right now there is so much traffic, probably not a lot of good things being said about Lowe....tough to deal the heart of your franchise away...

There is a lot of speculation about the possibility that Smyth could end up back in the Oiler roster next season. If that happens it would be an expensive trade for the Islanders. The first round draft pick could be huge down the road.

Interesting that one of the players the Oilers got is the son of Flames legend, Kent Nilsson.

I dont think this bodes well for the small market teams. Every indication is that the salary cap will be higher next year, so unless revenues level off soon, you will see a lot of smaller markets get priced out of the market and unable to keep their stars or franchise players. IMO, the next CBA needs to have a revenue sharing plan, much like the NFL's so teams like the Oilers and Flames have a better shot at keeping their stars around. It was said yesterday that there was a $300 000 difference between Smyth and Oilers-- seems to be a fairly small amount to pay to keep your franchise player around. It was also said yesterday that why could they not split the difference-- seems like a better alternative than to have fans alienated because another popular player left town.

I suppose the bandwagon may be a little lighter today, but those of us that grew up with the team can't even get our heads around the concept of not cheering for the Oilers.

I wanted them to pay Smyth the money and sign him, but having lived through watching Gretzky, Messier, Coffey, Fuhr, Weight etc leave town you get hardened to it somewhat.

I will reserve judgement for a couple years on this as far as Kevin Lowe goes. If Smyth is still scoring 30 goals a year when he's 35 then it will be unforgivable. If we can add to the young core we have and take another run at a cup within the next 5 years then it will have been a sound move.

In Edmonton the mantra with the Oilers and Eskimos is all about the team and no one individual comes before that. Ironic that we recieved such a poignant reminder last night watching the Messier celebration.

While it is true that Smyth, perhaps more than any of the greats before him, personified that attitude and character I don't think the Oilers can afford to approach it any other way. Especially if the the cap continues to rise.

There is no doubt that Smyth will be missed dearly in Edmonton and revered for years to come as one of the great Oiler players.


....good words toe, always best to cheer for the logo on the front of the jersey rather than the name on the back....doing the latter will 100% break your heart one day....

....interesting to hear Smyth's press conference today....not so much what he said but the look of shock....I truly beleive this totally blindsided him and placing all the trust he did in Don Meehan's guidance cost him something...not money obviously, but perhaps something more important....

.....hope not too many flames fans rub it in, we could easily be in the same boat a year from now with all the UFAs we have.....

The Oilers did not lose Ryan Smyth because they couldn't afford him, but rather they didn't think that he was worth the money he was asking. Although Ryan Smyth is my favourite hockey player, I'd have to agree that the 5.5 million or whatever he was asking is too much for the type of players he is. This money could be spent much better on the team to pick up a solid defenceman like Souray during the off-season, or a game breaking forward like Briere or Drury, all of which are UFAs at the end of the year.

Im wondering Esks123, how much Souray might be worth on the open market. He could command a high price, Briere and Drury are going to sign for a lot as well. Those dollars might be too much for the Oilers , Im guessing around 6 or 6 1/2 mill for either Drury or Briere and 7 mill for Souray, especially if the cap goes higher. They could have kept Smith if they were willing to meet his asking price of 5 1/2 mill, but my guess is either the Islanders or another team might sign him to a bigger deal, especially if they feel that Smyth can put them over the top in terms of winning a Cup.

[url=http://asp.usatoday.com/sports/hockey/nhl/salaries/totalpayroll.aspx?year=2006-07]http://asp.usatoday.com/sports/hockey/n ... ar=2006-07[/url] [url=http://asp.usatoday.com/sports/hockey/nhl/salaries/teamdetail.aspx?year=2006-07&team=12]http://asp.usatoday.com/sports/hockey/n ... 07&team=12[/url]

Before getting rid of Smyth's salary, the Oilers were 13th highest overall in the league in terms of their total payroll at $42, 280, 000. Subtracting the Oilers UFA salaries, players which will mostly likely be gone by July 1st, include, Petr Nedved's 2 million, Tjarquists' million, Hejda at a million, Markannen at almost a million, and Sykora if he choses not to re-sign at 3 million. This leaves the team with a salary of $30 106 800 (far below the cap), subtracting all of the team's free agents, and in a very good position cap-wise to be going after a valuable and expensive UFA. The Edmonton Journal is basically indicating that Sykora is willing to re-sign, and the Oilers will still have to negotiate with their RFA's, so this will obviously cost some money. I expect the Oilers to make a run at a big name free agent, or I'll be extremely upset and disappointed with Kevin Lowe and the way he is handling this team and his job.

The UFA pool this off-season is going to be huge! There is going to be a huge supply of free agents, which will most likely lead to drop in market value for most of the players. Including older vets like, Forsberg, Guerin, Bertuzzi, Blake, Tkachuk, Roberts, etc. and younger players(all of which are under 29 years of age) like Datsyuk, Briere, Drury, Comrie, Zubrus, Gomez, etc. With Smyth competing in what is arguably the largest free agent pool in years, he may look pretty stupid not accepting the rumoured 5.4 million for 5 years that the Oilers offered him when competing for a contract against the younger UFA players, and the vets. I wish Ryan Smyth well, but I have a feeling he'll be in for a big surprise once free agency begins.

you know what i can't understand is that i heard on TSN that Smyth and his agent were wanting around 5.5 mill. and Lowe offered him a deal of a round 5 or 5.2 mill so how can smyth stand up there on his farewell and cry when he was fighting over a lil chunk of change to him so i have abosolutely have little respect for ryan smyth it was all about the money and GREED!

Sambo, the whole point is that by not over paying a player like Ryan Smyth you are leaving yourself in a position to pay an elite level (which Smyth is not) player that kind of money.

If you have a choice between paying a Briere 6.5 mill, or a Lecavaliere 7 mill or a Smyth 5.5 mill which do you choose? We had Smyth here and his impact, while good for the community and creating emotional fan interest, was little. He’s not a guy you build a team around and so you don’t pay like one.

we saw the difference when an elite level player like Pronger was here for one season. For my money I would much rather spend the extra and bring in a bonafide superstar rather than signing a hometown hero to money that he will not be worth 3 years from now.

I would love to see him resign in the summer and even for around 4.5 to 5, but not for the long term. As a lifelong Oiler fan I think our dollars are much better spent on a top ten defenceman and a superstar forward to add our core to and build around. Just my opinion,


I would say judging by the way the Oilers have played since the trade, Smyth had more of an impact than you might think. 3 goals in 4 games, the Oiler offence is nowhere to be seen.

I think the decision to trade Smyth was due in large part to the fact that it doesn't really matter how the Oilers play for the rest of this season, as they weren't going to make the playoffs with or without Smyth.

Trading Smyth was all about next year, and the next several years after that. The Oilers got 2 recent first round picks, and another first round pick in the next draft. They can take the money they saved on Smyth, and either sign him back in the off season, for as much, or less, than what he was demanding, or putting the money towards an equal or better player than Smyth. The trade has the potential to help the Oilers significantly over the long term, although certainly not this year. Only time will tell.

It was a tough situation all around. But if Smyth wanted to stay with the Oilers as much as his tearfull goodbye would suggest, he would have taken the $5.4 Million for 5 years offer that the Oilers gave him. It would have been a $1.9 Million raise over what he is making now, and would have almost certainly guaranteed that he could retire as an Oiler. Let's wait and see what happens!

Since trading Smyth, nearly half the team has been replaced with AHL prospects, and they have been giving Rolson more breaks. And the team basically has no desire to win right now since they are a few games away from being mathematically eliminated.

IMO, a few guys had a good run in the playoffs last year as well, but it did not carry over into this season. Guys like Pisani, Hemsky , Horcoff and even Roloson had a drop off. Add to that the losses of Pronger, Peca and Samsonov(who is a bust this year in Montreal)and it did not bode well for the team.

Exactly. The team just seemed content to embarass themselves while being grosly overpaid after all the increased contracts were handed out after the cup run. Lots of injuries throughout the year also had something to do with it. Surprisingly, the Oilers have 10 players that are injured right now!

1.Ales Hemsky
2.Jarret Stoll
3.Ethan Moreau
4.Steve Staios
5.Daniel Tjarnvist
6.Marty Reasoner
7.Jan Hejda
8.Mathieu Roy
9.Tom Gilbert
10.Petr Nedved