Ryan Smith's "BLOCKBUSTER" Retirement

Must say - didn't see this one coming!
Papa - what does this do to a team with feeble Canadian WR depth, where Smith was at the very least a semi-reliable import WR who didn't have Edward Scissorhands very often?

My guess is the bombers will patronize Smith and his decision, wish him the very best and implore Danny Mac and his scouting staff to find another import wr HOBO.... shouldn't be a problem - don't think bombers are gonna find another Geroy Simon, Milt Stegall or SJ Green, so a decent import with hands is all they require.

Walters will have at least 10 import WRs in camp - most will tend to be washed out hobos who look like football players - play like hobos.

Smith retiring comes out of the blue (sorry pun) . . . . perhaps puts a bit o pressure on the bombers to secure a top WR in the draft, one who could start.

25 is so young to retire - bombers musta been counting on this guy for the next 2 or 3 yrs minimum.

Now they really need a canuck WR who can catch 45 to 55 balls and be a key player on 2nd down and more than 6.

This play's into Papa's desire to draft Vandervoort.

Anyways, Dressler & Smith rooted what I called the Bombers Twin Munchkin receiver pair. Both were 5'6" or 5'7", only problem now is Dressler 32 and starting to slow down and more injury prone with age.

This is a bigger blow than it seems - particularly coming so close to the draft and the beginning of camp! :cowboy:

…Most likely one of the reasons we stuck with Denmark…It’s not being said directly but the statement about his body not holding up for the game, is code for concussion issues…If that’s the case…good move while you still have some functioning grey matter…It’s a loss but I really thought we could use a bigger target…namely a player like Gurley who is most likely on Walters ‘call list’…Smith was a little spark plug and will be missed in the dressing room for sure but we still have Dressler who is similar and can still perform at a high level… :wink: …would REALLY LIKE to see us draft Vandervoort but I think he’ll go to Ham. UNLESS we take him with no 1 overall or some kind of deal can be made for 2???

Probably why they signed Denmark and Stafford. Adams and Dressler is still 4 decent imports.