Ryan Smith - NDSU

Ryan Smith will be on roster & can be a dynamic WR/Return guy for you guys. At NDSU he won 3 straight national titles and they beat big 12 champ Kansas State.

Here's a highlight video. The 4th highlight is him taking a kick return for a Touchdown hope you see that alot!!

Ryan Smith NDSU WR Highlight Video: Ryan Smith NDSU WR Highlight Video - YouTube

What's his playing time status up there? What's your thoughts on him. Thanks

imo he needs to learn the playbook and the CFL nuances...he has the skill set already for the bigger field

Keep us up to speed on his progress if you can on this thread thanks !

Games are on in the US as well

On ESPN3 (online only)
Thu Jun 26 -- Toronto -- Winnipeg -- 8:30 PM
Sat Jun 28 -- Edmonton -- BC -- 6:00 PM
Sun Jun 29 -- Hamilton -- Saskatchewan -- 7:00 PM
Thu Jul 03 -- Ottawa -- Winnipeg -- 8:30 PM
Fri Jul 04 -- BC -- Montreal -- 7:00 PM
Fri Jul 04 -- Hamilton -- Edmonton -- 10:00 PM
Fri Jul 11 -- Winnipeg -- Montreal -- 7:00 PM
Sat Jul 12 -- Calgary -- Toronto -- 6:30 PM
Sat Jul 12 -- BC -- Saskatchewan -- 9:30 PM
Fri Jul 18 -- Toronto -- Ottawa -- 7:00 PM
Sat Jul 19 -- Montreal -- BC -- 7:00 PM
Fri Jul 25 -- Winnipeg -- BC -- 10:00 PM
Sat Jul 26 -- Ottawa -- Hamilton -- 7:00 PM

Thu Jul 31 -- Winnipeg -- Hamilton -- 7:00 PM

Sat Jun 28 -- Montreal -- Calgary -- 3:00 PM
Sat Jul 05 -- Saskatchewan -- Toronto -- 3:00 PM
Thu Jul 17 -- Edmonton -- Winnipeg -- 8:30 PM
Thu Jul 24 -- Calgary -- Edmonton -- 9:00 PM

Fri Jul 11 -- Ottawa -- Edmonton -- 10:00 PM

Dang I can only watch the July 5 game. No ESPN3 with my provider. Are thier other Web streams available?

I liken Ryan Smith to Luke Tasker. Tasker was able to come into Hamiton after NFL cuts and was successful right away with Austin and Condell as his coach last year and a similar system adapted to the CFL.

Smith has also picked it up very quikdly and had mini Camp in FLA, Rookie camp, and then a full TC with the Riders. Flexible athletic and the ability to return punts as a natural punt returner.

He dint get much action receiving but had a nice punt return. I would say he is a lot like Dressler but a bit slower or so it seems. He has some competition so he will have to shine when he gets the chance. Dresser has awesome hands, hard to replace those in a passing league.

Looking at the two players in competition for the punt returning Ryan Smith and Marshy Green I will be interested to see how it plays out as the season goes on. Smith has seemed to earn himself a spot on the roster as a receiver where as Green may or may not be the best option as a reserve DB with the current amount of depth at DB. So going forward it could be Smiths job to return punts.
Jackson is able to return Kick offs and has earned himself a starting role in the D Backfield.
Will be interesting to see how the RB position shakes out going forward Allen certainly had a great game behind the Oline. Coach Chamb has been speaking very highly about Neil Huges and not just as a teams player but as a bonifies back up RB, He ran very well last year when he got his chances as the tail back. He was never really given that chance before Coach Chamb arrived so Hughes is older but not a lot of wear and tear so he could have a new lease on his career.
Sheets also did fantastic as the only RB for most of the season but when he returned from injury the offense changed to more of a two back system and made them even better with Sanders getting some time at RB. Likley what they may be thinking with Hugh Charles as a hybrid change of pace RB and also returning kick offs.

The Riders have no shortage of some excellent options.