Ryan Smith Catch

Just wanted to say what a goddamn no look, unintentional catch by Ryan Smith. I was so confused in the stands, it just stuck to him even from up high it looked completely unintentional. Still an amazing play by Smith and was just that kind of night for the Cats. One of the stranger things I have ever witnessed on a football field that is for sure.

Greatest catch in THF young history??? Made news all over the place.



ugh he can catch with out looking.. maybe Underwood shoulda tried that :cry: :roll:

Some nights they stick to your hands, others, they are covered in WD-40, and your sweaty greasy paws give you issues with peeing.

Our ST's gave us a TD. Can't ask for much more than that.

Our D held them to FG's (admittedly with our ex-kicker, but we returned one)

Two of our feature receivers grabbed TD's.

We dropped balls, and had giveaways, and screwedup the running game, that argues that our O-Line is incorrect, but its done like dinner, and we need to go forward.

While Toronto is 2 and 1, we have a game in hand, having beaten them handily, at home.

Montreal has significant problems (and they are 'next').

I do believe that Hamilton/Ottawa is going to grow to the biggest so-called "hate" relationship, but with Burris down, we might gain an edge.

Lets take a very deep breath, and back down from the expectations of an 18-0 season, and figure out where we go from here.

Its obvious, its not terribly easy, you lose a guy like Collaros or Gable, and you will spend some time in the sink hole, when you try and rebuild your Defence, you'll be tested by every OC, and young kid that wants to play, and just get beaten some nights. I'm very sorry to have lost Geoff Tisdale, but there you go, its a business!

"I do believe that Hamilton/Ottawa is going to grow to the biggest so-called "hate" relationship"

that is my hope as well.

I think Ottawa is getting, and will continue to get, less "up and down" play from Harris than they get from the "Good" and "Bad" Hank and, I think the league's only undefeated team, so far, is quite a bit better than fans, across the land, think. Interesting to see 4 TDs scored last night in Ottawa by former TiCat receivers and Bakari Grant, who looked good, came close to scoring one too.

I didn't see the start of the OTT game but I saw the ending. If you're referring to Bakari's drop of the game-winning TD pass on a short, easy throw to the end zone in overtime ... well, it's very charitable of you to describe that as "coming close to scoring."

Oh! It seems you and I did the opposite last night. I watched most of the game, from the start, but missed the O.T.
What I recall was late in the game Grant made two good receptions on consecutive plays and, with good YAC, moved the Stamps from somewhere around mid-field to close to the goal line. Stats show him 5/89.

It's the Tale of the Two Bakaris. He'll make a good catch for you (rarely a highlight reel catch though), then follow it up with a frustrating drop or illegal block penalty to kill a drive. It's why I was never as sorry to see him go as I was Ellingson - I still can't believe we had no room on our roster for that guy.