Ryan released by the Packers

I was a little shocked to hear this. Does anyone think that we should, or could pick him up?

I know this is in the main forum as well, but I am just wondering what other Rider fans think....

he was an above average...maybe average punter in the NFL. I'd love to see him in a rider uniform but i'm pretty sure he'll end up in the NFL again

he's kicking the ball well in NFL. Would be surprised if no other team picks him up

it would be sweet but that would mean we say bye bye Boreham and i like Jamie so i say NO

I also like Jamie but when you get a chance to acquire top notch talent you gotta go for it. I'd be surprised if he lands in the CFL though.

Top notch and "home grown". And no the other home grown.

Yip. Why bring in a guy who will likely lead the league in punting when you can keep the guy who was last in punting last year and is stuck there again this year....
I am not sure we can afford him, but if we can, it is a no-brainer. Assuming he can't get another job in the NFL. Part of his problem in the NFL now is he is slowly being priced out of the market.

He is a CFL free agent, so if he isn't picked up by another CFl team then it is definitely a no-brainer, especially since Boreham got injured last game

I think that if he was not picked up by another NFL team (and that's a big if) he would look at the Riders, and only the Riders. He has said that he would like to play for the Riders if his career was to lead him back to the CFL. Who knows, maybe he would even give us a home town discount for the rest of this season. I have nothing against our 2 guys, but he's better than both of them in my opinion.

Can he catch the ball??


Actually yes.

Looks like Ryan is headed to Seattle. Good luck, god speed.

He signed with the Seahawks. I personally like this one, I'n in Vancouver frequently and would travel down to catch a game.