Ryan Philips (number 21)

If he never mouthed off they could of won the game. But oh well we should be hapyp that he is a REALLY good player. Like last year got 12 interceptions and won that award.

OOH cmon. Could you explain that one to us please? I could say if Smart didn't fumble the ball on the one we could have won in Montreal. Its a team game.

Anyone know how many interceptions Phillips has this season?

(Where does he "rank" in regards to Interception leaders? )

According to stats on cfl.ca, and bclions.com, which don't seem to be right up to date (Johnsons pick from Ham game isnt on there), he has a big fat zero this year.

Maybe that's why he blew up. A bit of frustration as in the past he was always right up there with Miles and Banks for top in the league spot.

Really? Maybe it was the exhibition game that he had a pic. I was sure I remember him having some pics this season.

Thanks for the info.