Ryan Lucas

Just saw on twitter that Defensive Lineman Ryan Lucas is on his way to MTL. He was on Sask's practice roster.

Band-aid solution; he was with the Als in 2007 and 2008,mainly on practice roster. Not good enough to be on Saskatchewan active roster,eventhough defensive line is not their strenght. If it is the only change on the defensive line,to replace Bekasiak, they don't deserve to win in Toronto; I understand such an addition,for depth purposes,but not as a starter.

I surely hope that an import defensive lineman will be added,either Hopkins or Bradwell,from the Argos.

If we still keep 5 import receivers on the roster we deserve to lose against the Argos; I will say that Trestman is stubborn; why dress 5 import receivers,when these 5 are hardly on offense at the same time;against the Argos we will often play with double tight end,i.e. Carter and Bomben as blockers/protectors for Anthony. We need an additional import on the defensive line and 1 less import receiver.


Agreed on all counts, Richard. This had better not be the only roster move we make for the Toronto game.

That kind of tells you they don't plan on moving their ratio around. Stubborn is right, we'll see how it works out... In fairness it will take them some time to fix this problem.

They have to stop carrying around a truckload of import receivers. This is ridiculous. We have clear and present needs on the defensive side of the ball -- why are we dressing Green, Richardson, Watkins, Bratton, and London in a single game, when they're usually not even on the field at the same time? Sit London, cut Maypray, use Bratton and Ferri on kick returns, and get us some help on the D-line!

D+P: You are right on!

And use DesLauriers as the NI receiver?
Still on the fence about the guy
I think Niagra was right on...we had the opportunity to pick up some Canadian talent at the receiver position
And maybe blew it on that one.

While we disagree as to whether Cahoon was unjustly ignored last season
I guess we can agree that one or more competent NI receivers
Can be as much of an asset as an all-Canadian O-Line

I'm also wondering about our double-tight situation
If we're going to use Bomben as a receiver
Maybe it could be time to get ourselves a proper tight end?
The one practise session I watched I spotted that Bomben pass being worked on

Brought back memories
Of Peter DallaRiva, Tony Gabriel and Nick Arakgi
Not that I'm knocking Bomben
But I'd love to see a tight end who's as much of a receiving threat
Big, tall, with good foot speed and great hands
As he is an effective blocker

Maybe it's just nostalgia
But Bomben seems like a halfway solution
To a great possibility
And a position that for years was a NI "bastion"