Ryan Leaf

Are you kidding me? What will be next in the "Lunacy in Ottawa". We've seen this movie before...last time it was Dexter Manley ( who may still be doing time) foisted on Ron Smeltzer. Smeltzer was told by Little Lonie that he HAD TO PLAY Manley....net result-two coaches quit, Smeltzer gets fired (still owed considerable coin by the Gliebs by the way), franchise goes into the toilet.....Dejas Vu! When will this circus end? Usually it's once bitten, twice shy. In the case of the Gliebermans its twice bitten=stupid. The fans in Ottawa deserve better. Right now it's a joke.....knock it on the head, move to QC...whatever. The Gliebermans are bad news for Ottawa AND the CFL. The CFL has been gaining tremendous credibility lately...sadly it could only take this type of idiocy from the the Gliebermans and that CFL expert Forrest Gregg to reduce the whole league to a laughing stock.
Now that I have vented my spleen....I feel much better, even knowing that not one damn thing I have said will make a difference!

Maybe if the Rens offer Jerry Rice a Starting Reciever Position, he will play for them

How about Fred Biletnikoff…that way Forrest Gregg would have someone his own age to talk to.

I'm not the type to say I told you so (well, yes I am, but it doesn't make me happy in this case.) I was leery when the "Gliebermen" bought the team. I said so. People poo-pooed my concerns (tee hee...I said "poo-poo"!) and insisted that these two had learned from their previous mistakes. I hesitated to believe this, but seeing no other suitors on the horizon (except Glen, who was just running around in circles repeating over and over again, "you only need one foot in bounds...the ground can't cause a fumble..."), I figured I'd rather Ottawa have a team micromanaged by the Gliebs than have no team at all.

Okay, so they haven't signed Ryan Leaf, but they hope to. If they do, it will be for way more than an unproven player deserves. And if they're paying him big money, you know Cuddles will want him on the field. He'll tell Joe Paopao that if he doesn't let Leaf play, he's going to take his ball and go home...and then he'll tell his daddy on him.

Why did we believe that Lonnie had learned from his mistakes when the CFL doesn't learn from theirs?

The Gades would do better with Lawerence Tynes back in the line-up and a star punt returner. The Gades can grind it out, but they need better field position and a field goal kicker who can consistently hit the long ones. Gregg and Lonie have gotta learn that its not a quick fix situation. Man I miss Tynes.

Easy fellas, they just be talkin', dig?

But Mully, I feel yo pain........ :wink:

Wow Mike Feterik is better then the Gleibs!

I have my concerns about Ryan Leaf possibly signing with the Renegades. He could arrogantly think he can use the Renegades as a springboard to get back in the NFL. Some former NFL players have had that attitude before and failed in the CFL. If Leaf is willing to learn the CFL game & check the attitude at the door, he may have a chance to have some success in the CFL. Also, he hasn't played professional football in about three years & may not be in top shape. It will take him time to get back into game shape if he is able to. The only thing to his advantage will be that the American sports media will leave him alone.