Ryan Hinds

This guy was easily the steal of the 09' draft, taken 13th overall. 7 of 8 teams passed on him (The only team that didn't was Winnipeg and that's because they never had a chance to)

How many passes have been completed against him this year, 2? 3? There certainly haven't been any big plays on him. He also tackles as well as anybody on the team.

Oh....and he's just 25 years of age.

Obie needs to work his magic and sign the man to an extension in the off-season.

He been our best DB and He's a Non Import Image that

Tillman probably already talked to him trying to lure him out of Hamilton, every year we have to rebuild most of our defensive backfield.

From what I saw last night Ryan Hinds had a very good game.
Jamal Johnson was fantastic as usual.

I agree completely. He has been absolutely amazing especially when you consider that he was forced to start as a rookie last year. He really is "more than just a ratio buster" lol

Hinds easily wins the fastest to develop award. Less than a year after he was first thrown into the fire he looks like a 5+ year vet out there. So relaxed and controlled also. Never looks panicked and closes gaps very well.

Even if he was an import this is more than you could ever wish for. I see his NI status as a bonus part of the overall already great package of a player that he is. As others noted also he is a great tackler. He is also tremendously good at running right with receivers step for step all over when they play pure man on man.

So far, I'm quite impressed with his tackling ability. :thup:

Weird. Fans were told HAM doesn't "develop" anybody.

Hinds, Steele, Smith and Carter are all recent examples of the results of team development.

Where did you hear that exactly?

Its a common refrain when Obie releases someone like that cant miss stud Chris Bauman.

Off topic, but I prefer Matt Carter over Chris Bauman.


Actually, its a tie between we don't "develop anyone" or the released player "will come back and haunt us, burn us, flame us "; etc. (Tafralis, Cobb etc.)

In which case, Calvillo's name will always be brought up. :roll:

But in Hinds's case, I'm not sure "develop" would be the right word. He was sharp right out of the gate, so I'm not sure how much development was actually required.

He didn't dress at all last year till the game after labour day. I would say that qualifies as short term development. If he required no development as you suggest he would have made the active roster at the end of camp.

Suitor, think it was, indicated he thought he was having a super game as well.

Hinds has been another great bonus for the Ticats. Like you folks, I find his play very impressive.

It great to see several of our Canadian boys doing so well.

Neither of us know for sure if he was ready out of training camp and only failed to make the opening day roster because the team didn't want to rush him. It is only speculation on my part but perhaps this was a mistake by MB et al. After all being on the PR is not the same as dodging live bullets. Sometimes the only true way to develop is to sink or swim. When given the opportunity, later in the season, he definitely kept his head above water quite nicely.

Hinds was given an opportunity to be the opening day starter but didn't play well enough in the final pre-season game and was placed on the IR for the first 9 games. Drew Edwards did a big story on him last year.

...so maybe my post was wrong? oops!