Ryan Hinds - RELEASED

The Tiger-Cats have announced that they have released Ryan Hines.

… thoughts/comments?

Met Ryan one time at the Tigertown store. He could not have been any nicer. I am certainly no expert but it seemed to me that he never fully recovered from his ankle problem last year and at his position that loss of quickness cost him. As I say I am no expert and wish him all the best. As a Canadian he may have another opportunity and I hope he is able to catch on elsewhere.

I could see this coming. He had not shown improvement, and in fact, had regressed. He got burned badly in the last game.

let's spell the guys name right eh? :wink:

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-release-hinds-rosamonda]http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-rel ... -rosamonda[/url]

I wish him all the best and hope he catches on somewhere.

His name is actually Hinds....Can't really say if this surprises me or not,his role on the team has dropped off dramatically in his 4 yrs here.Half-way through his rookie campaign he was elevated to starting corner-back,following up that to full time starter the next season.Last year however he was a starter at the beginning of the season,only to be relegated to a back-up position and special team player.This year saw him start in game 1 vs the Argos,demoted to b.u in the next two games,then to the practice roster for game 4,onto to the 4 man reserve the next,and finally back on the roster in a back-up capacity last game.Ryan was once hailed as a classic ratio-buster type of player,someone who could start at a traditional American position.Unfortunately for him,for whatever reason,he never found his way to his full potential.In closing I just have to say Thanks and good luck in your future endeavours Mr.Hinds,you will definetly be missed by us fans and for all your community work on behalf of the team. :thup: :thup:

Classy. :thup:

Sorry … that clearly should have read: ‘HINDS’.

Class Act that is Ryan Hinds, glad you had the opportunity to play here for our fans for four years and we wish you well in your football career and next stop along the way.

Probably will go to MTL.

Or GULP!!!!!! The Winnipeg Circus Bombers!!!! :thdn:

Hey, now that Marcel B is with that team who knows. I know MB was the OC and HC here, but Hinds had his best year as a rookie with him here in Hamilton.

Edmonton seems to like our former cornerbacks/secondary players

Good luck to Mr. Hinds who was a contributor on and off the field. If he wants to, he will catch on elsewhere.

I agree that Ryan's game fell out sharply after the injury. It seems like the Cats tend to "put all their eggs in one basket" when it comes to Canadian DBs. A few years back, Dylan Barker was our bright non-import prospect in the D backfield. Then he got hurt and Hinds was the man. Now it's Courtney Stephan. I hope he can live up to his billing, but most of all, stay healthy.

Thinking positively on this move,with Ryan being let go,and being Cdn. and the team being knee deep in imp. D.B.'s,maybe,hopefully,it means that Fantuz is ready to go for Friday nights game and will be on the roster replacing Hinds,right now our roster sits at 45 players,Fantuz would make it 46.Reports are he's been working with the first team unit in practice this week.If this is indeed the case,theres going to unfortunately be shuffling of players whenever our starters on i.l. are healthy enough to return full time.If this is the scenario,it's unfortunate for Ryan Hinds,getting caught in the numbers game is part of the business of football.

Not a surprise. based on his performance this season.
Another example of Kent Austin having a perform well or your out approach.
Last year there were too many games where players( especially on defence) performed poorly
but were still in the line up the next game. Things never improved.
Good Luck to both of them.

Looks like this scenario was right.....#83....FANTUZ IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!! :thup:

http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/ Comfirmed by Drew :rockin:

Thanks Ryan.

I remember a game in his rookie season as a starter when Hinds shut down Geroy Simon in BC. I wish Hinds well...he fought hard for Hamilton.

Good luck Ryan. He was one of my favourite players, I even have a frame up on the wall with his game worn gloves in them.