RYAN HINDS and the DB's

Can anyone tell me what the status is with Hinds. I had heard heard he was injured and last week the depth chart showed canadians Chis R and Mark Beswick lined up at corner . Did these guys play corner last week ? If so , why are they not palying this week and why would there be the import MEANS at corner this week .

Is Hinds injured but not officially on the injured list or are they not happy with hi splay at safety ? I liked how HInds was playing at corner myself .

So who played that corner position last week and how did they look ?

Did anyone get much of a look at Collins las t week ?

IF all healthy , I would put Hinds at corner and Youg at the other crner and then Thomas and Means at the halfs and Collins at safety …essentially I am not a Bo Smith fan even though he i sfaired better at corner thatn halfback …

Hinds on 1 game injury list.


Is Collins not playing this week? Shivers is noted as the FS

Collins and Hinds are hurt. The corners will be Means and Smith, just like last week. The halves will be Thomas and Young, just like last week. Shivers fills in for Collinsat safety.

I'd much prefer to see Shivers take Thomas' spot at HB and Collins at safety, but...

I heard Collins is out for tomorrow's game. Too bad, we could use his experience back there. The front seven will need to bring it and hard!!!