Ryan Grice-Mullin?

I see Grice-Mullin is with Saskatchewan. Can someone get me up to speed on this guy? Did the Roughriders offer him a better deal? Last I heard Wally was interested in having him back if the Dolphins cut him.

I rather liked this guy's ability, though I must admit he tended to drop passes or fumble balls at the worst of times. But I remember this guy was very fast and very hard to bring down once he got going. Did Wally change his mind with Davis on board?

That would be my guess Beagle. If Davis turned out to be a flop, I think Wally would have jumped at the opportunity to bring him back.

I wasn't a big fan of him. He had butter fingers which made him useless as receiver. The only thing he had was amazing speed. Problem was that he does have those power cuts in and out of holes that Davis has. So during the whole time RGM was here as a returner, there was only a few times that he was able to break loose. Davis might not have the same speed as RGM, but he's constantly able to put the Lions in good field position by cutting in and out of those holes. I think that is more valuable than a guy that has the ability to take it to the house only the odd time.

Absolutely right Almo89!