Ryan Grice-Mullen

Against the rough riders, he could of won the game if he would of caught that ball but he dropped it. Then Hamilton, he did get interfered with but it made him fall over the guy and the ball went right to his hands and he dropped it. Who is this guy? It is probably just his nerves, because last year he didn't really play much till the last few games. Now he is always in. He is VERY fast, and a good Rb. Once his nerves go away I think he will be a killer receiver

Its still pretty green, I agree he has lots of potential to become great. I hope that with some mentoring and experiance he could put those great legs to use!

Lets see, 5 games last season, 2 games this season. So far he has yet to play a half season's worth of games in the CFL. I'd wait until half way through this season before we come to any kind of judgement as to whether he can play in the CFL or not. He does seem to have speed to burn. I'd really like to see the Lions throw a wide receiver screen pass to him and see what he can do with it. One thing I would like to see though, the Lions committing to one person to return kicks instead of rotating guys in at returner & receiver or runningback. If you're going to have Mallett run the ball, then let Ebell return kicks.