Ryan Glasper blows coverage at keypoint in game

2nd and 10 a few minutes left,,cats have a chance to force a punt and Glasper blows his coverage...mind you it was a great catch by the receiver...however glasper went upfield when the receiver ran an out...and glasper wasn't within five yards of him. winning teams make plays, not excuses.

cut the cliches


Glasper was one of several bright lights on the night.

He made several outstanding plays, including breaking up a deep ball that had 6 points written all over it.

Glasper played great. He has a lot of energy and made some super tackles. He will be a solid Ticat for many years. (I think he's only 22!)

Delgardo was the real goat last night, beat cleanly for two TD's, lost in coverage at key times. He will definitely have to be replaced at HB (and in all fairness to Delgardo, he is a corner who was asked to play a tough position he's never played before. Tall order).

Have to agree with this post. Glasper has been all over the field in both regular season home games. He was second in tackles on the night with 6 (Moreno had 7) and he is fast. Like Delgardo, he is playing a new position too - in college (just graduated in 06), he was a strong safety.

I really like our linebacking trio. They're fast and they hit hard. When they're out in coverage against a slotback, it's never much of a mismatch. Once our DBs get some more experience working together and some of the young guys on our DL get some more experience, we're going to have a really good defence. The one question mark that remains is at safety, I don't know whether we're better to go with Beveridge or Karikari.


On the play in question, Calvillo was outside of Dunbrack at right defensive end on a scramble. Glasper was stuck in no man's land, having to cover a wide receiver (Desriveaux) and being the last line of defence if Calvillo turned it upfield.

Having a linebacker cover a wide receiver on a broken play might be the kind of superhuman feat one expects railing from behind his walker on the sidelines at Penn State, but most football people would cut a guy some slack in that situation, particularly given his hustle during the entire game as others have pointed out.

You have 44 other players left to hatchet between games by my count. :wink:

Dunbrack was Held on that on play..
no flag..

TD#1: Anderson stays up playing the short zone when he's supposed to be playing man-to-man, and lets Watkins go wide open.

TD#2: Delgardo is one of 4 DBs caught up by a Montreal pick/rub play. I don't know if I'd single him out for that.

TD#3: Glasper is in no-mans-land. Delgardo comes into the picture late after coming off another receiver that he was covering.

On the second TD Imoh was Beverages responsibility. Sandy faked the blitz and Montreal had the perfect play called. Thats just good football by Montreal.

I was also freaking out on the third TD. It was obvious that Dunbrack was held. Glasper was in a tough situation on that play.

0 and 3 says it all...they are not getting it done no matter how many excuses you want to make for them.


You seem to start a lot of very negative threads.. work on that.

Hey Joepa,

Glasper is a real promising rookie on this team.
Let's not try to destroy his confidence already.
Give him some time......he's a real diamond in the rough. :cowboy: