Ryan Donnelly Re-Signs

From an article at the Winnipeg Sun website:

The Blue Bombers also inked offensive lineman Ryan Donnelly to a contract Thursday.

Again there was no announcement, but Donnelly confirmed in a text message that he had decided to remain with Winnipeg rather than sign elsewhere.

In an e-mail on Wednesday, Donnelly said he had one other offer for similar money but planned to do what was best for him and his family.


I'm glad he decided to re-sign with the Bombers instead of signing with Hamilton.

Good. :lol:

.......very serviceable player.....he can fill a lot of positions on the o line if required....I believe the hammer was trying to ink him as well for the same money...but he turned them down...and I believe he's from there.......hmmmm does Ryan Donnelly know something about the 2010 season that the rest of us don't :lol: :lol: :lol: :thup:

donnelly has familly in winnipeg. beleive he lived here as a youth, much like chris jericho the wrestler, technically not born here but grew up here.

Hamilton was not trying to sign Donnelly. Hamilton cut him two years ago.

From the Winnipeg Sun:

Also on the free agent front, offensive lineman Ryan Donnelly appears to be down to deciding between re-signing with the Blue Bombers or [b]inking a deal with his hometown team, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.[/b]

“I'm currently in negotiations with Winnipeg and one other team,? Donnelly said in an e-mail. “I'm taking (Wednesday night) to look at both offers, which are both in the same ball park. I have my mind made up but just wanted to sleep on it (Wednesday) and talk with my wife Nikki to decide what is best for us and our son Logan in the long run.?


…according to our media …obie was trying to sign him…offered him the same cash as the Bombers and he said no dice…Now that’s according to our media…if you say otherwise…hmmmmm maybe the media here as it all wrong or you have some bad info… :wink: if you care to read the sun quote at the top of this page…you;ll see where Donnelly remarks about being offered similar money elsewhere…that elsewhere was Hamilton according to sources…and my suggestion that he was from ‘there’ meant just what you stated …he was released from your camp awhile ago… :wink:

lol, on in two gets slammed to the mat again. haha

The Ticats must have wanted Donnelly for non-import depth on the O-Line. Rumor has it that Hamilton is going to an all Canadian O-Line this year (Goodspeed will be cut because of his contract, and second year players Rottier and Carlson, as well as rook Morencie, will be fighting for starting and backup spots).

....more like he's out in two....and misinformed as usual :lol: :lol:...but that's okay ....we'll straighten him out as the season progresses....in more ways than one.. :wink: