Ryan Dinwiddie

I know bomber fans are excited to finally be back in the grey cup game, and at the same time nervous because Glenn will not be able to play and our grey cup hopes are on the shoulders of Ryan Dinwiddie.

Here is something to think about that may calm everyone down just a little. First of all when Ryan Dinwiddie took over for Glenn when he got injured, he was not intimidated throwing the ball against a tough argo secondary. He went 4-4 and made the plays he had to, to move the football. He looks like he has a good arm and may be just a little bit more mobile then Glenn, which might come in handy against the roughriders defence.

The roughriders do not know much about dinwiddie either which can be very important during preperation for the big game.

Dinwiddie is a quaterback who has been a quaterback all of his carrer so he knows how to play the game, and it does not hurt to have 3 1000 yard recievers to throw to and a running back like Charles Roberts, who if healthy would have won the rushing title as well. All dinwiddie has to do is throw balls that the recievers can catch and allow them to do the rest.

Winnipeg's defence looks like they have a chip on their shoulders, which bolds well going into the final.

This last comment may not mean very much other then a phycological advantage but, the argos did beat the roughriders in Sask the last game of the year, so hopefully the bombers can do the same, since they just beat the argos.

Go bombers go!
Win it all for Stegall and Glenn and if you are feeling really desperate call Khari jones to be the backup quaterback, afterall you still have his rights and he could and should have won the cup last time against calgary, so calling him back for this game would be quite a story

From what I know of Dinwiddie is that he is fearless, and is just relishing the thought of starting in the Grey Cup.

Dinwiddie might be a sleeper in the Grey Cup. He did not play much this year, but he looked pretty decent the few times when he did. When he hit Armstrong (a fantastic catch as well) on the Argo blitz tells me he can read defences pretty well too. If y'all remember the start of the season, most people said Glenn just had to get the ball to his weapons and not try to do it all by himself. Coming off the bench though is not quite the same as starting, but anything is possible in a one game showdown. Sask is pretty banged up too, especially on offence. If the Bombers can control the line of scrimmage again like most of today, they can still have Stegall going out in glory! LET'S GO BLUE! Let's make it a Manitoba sweep next weekend! GO BISONS!

Let me tell you how glad I am that you guys made it to the cup. Should be a heck of a game. I know many Bomber fans, and this week will be fun

i was talking to ryan at the airport tonight and told him we all have the faith in him and know he can do it. he seemed to be a happy guy and already in prep mode.

You guys might be right about Dinwiddie...BUT... we he came in he had nothing to lose you were already ahead and now the pressure is all on him because the slate is clean starting the Grey Cup game..I guess we will see what he is made of.

Just an observation not a criticism

i can understand your point but when he came in there was alot of time in the 4th and the argos had just got a td and carried the momentum, then what did he do, stepped in while cold and lead the team 85 yards on 4 passes and with what should of been a td.

He's better than most have seen. Ryan is no stiff. Much better arm than you might think.

Talk about pressure! You haven't started one game and now you have to start in the game of the year. At least he gets to practice with the #1 offence for the whole week though I think they leave on Teusday. The best to him and the team.

Hey Ryan has been practic all year with this crew, even played a few downs and here are some things some of you may not know about Dinwiddie (I have all the Faith i this kid):

Dinwiddie is the all time leading passer for the Boise State Bronco's in college.

He was a 1ST round prospect until a leg injury wrecked that

He is fearless and has a hell of an arm (as someone mentioned)

He know's the game and the Canadian game , he has been a back-up for 2 years (ie. Buck Pierce 2006)

This kid is excited to be playing the biggest game in his career, he has all the confidence from the coaches, his teamates and himself. Just take an early hit to get those nerves out.


He came in with 5 minutes left, the game was in doubt still, wake up man!!!! he played great and did what he had to run the clock down and even throw a TD (almost)

...Don't know if anyone caught the mic'd up Belli....during one of his few entrances in the Bombers back-field he said, as he grabbed onto Glenn,and Kevin missed a pass.. quote..'better luck next time little fellow'...he sounded like the skipper talking to Gilligan...HOWEVER...
when Dinwiddie entered the game and threw that nice pass to Armstrong (what a catch)...Ryan looked right into Bellis' face and was laughing ...I noticed that shut that goon up...too bad somebody from the Bombers didn't follow Belli up and give him a swift kick in the arse....a little even up for Obby...but i guess that would have been an unnecessary penalty at that stage of the game...I guess we'll have to be satisfied with knowing we ended his season... :lol: GoBigBlue...

Dinwiddie has a good attitude, hes not afraid to get in your face, and he certainly wont back down.

Milt Stegall says he has full confidence in him to get the job done.

ill trust the Turtle's judgment anyday.



I was at the game and I'm not gonna lie, I was loud and then Glenn got hurt and I pretty much shut up for the next five minutes.

I remember seein Dinwiddie before and wasn't impressed. But after I saw him run a bit with the shuffle pass and then the bomb, I immediately jumped on the bandwagon.

I know its a different game/situation, but I'm behind him 112%.

Go Bombers!

I keep thinking he was Errol Flynn in a previous life.

Yep...it will be a battle that is for sure. The Bombers want the championship just as much as the Riders.
Let's hope that there are no more injuries to either team. I am soo excited.

For your interest..............

UPDATED 11:45 a.m. -- Former BSU quarterback Ryan Dinwiddie will start Sunday in Canadian Football League championship game

Staff and wire reports - Idaho Statesman
Edition Date: 11/19/07

Former Boise State quarterback Ryan Dinwiddie is expected to start Sunday when his Winnipeg Blue Bombers face the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the Grey Cup, the championship game of the Canadian Football League.
Winnipeg starter Kevin Glenn broke his left arm on the first play of the fourth quarter of Sunday's East final victory over the Toronto Argonauts, leaving the starting Grey Cup job to Dinwiddie.

“That’s the life of a backup quarterback,? said Dinwiddie, who was 4-of-4 for 80 yards off the bench Sunday. “You work hard to be ready for any opportunity you can get.

"Your first start in the Grey Cup, that's crazy. That's the Grey Cup, that's the Super Bowl, that's the big dance and we've got a ticket to it,'' Dinwiddie told the media after Sunday's game.

"I've been waiting for this opportunity for four years, I'm just really blessed and excited. I feel so bad for Kevin, because he took us here and played amazing football all year. It's just too bad he doesn't get a chance to do it, but at the same time it's my opportunity.''

Winnipeg's roster also includes safety Cam Hall, another former Boise State player.

Boise State coach Chris Petersen, who was Dinwiddie's offensive coordinator with the Broncos, said Monday that Dinwiddie will be up for Sunday's challenge. Before Sunday, Dinwiddie had thrown a career 48 passes in the CFL.

"I think the people up there in Winnipeg can rest assured they're going to get a heck of a player, a great competitor. That guy will be ready to go. ... I know he's been preparing hard for a couple years to get this shot. It's now coming to a head for him. He'll do a great job up there. He’s a tremendous competitor.''

Glenn was injured after a fumbled handoff to Charles Roberts. Toronto linebacker Kevin Eiben landed on the CFL passing leader’s arm while diving for the loose ball.

Winnipeg led 19-1 when Dinwiddie entered the game in the fourth quarter.

“Ryan is intelligent enough that we can continue to do what we’ve done with Kevin,? Winnipeg teammate Milt Stegall said. “When he got into the huddle, he just took command. ... Ryan's a cocky guy. That's what you want. He's just been waiting his turn.?

Said Winnipeg coach Doug Berry: “We’re certainly deeply sorry for this, but this is the game of football. Kevin has had a fantastic year for us, he got us here. Now it’s our job to carry the torch from here.

"(Dinwiddie) is smart. He's detailed, he preps himself as well as any quarterback I've been around. So I'm really confident that mentally he'll be as sharp as he can be. He's got a great personality. I don't think anybody's going to shake him up. Toronto came with some pressure and it doesn't bother him.''

Glenn threw a 7-yard touchdown pass to Stegall in the first half, Keith Stokes returned a punt 81 yards for a touchdown in the third quarter, and Roberts ran for 97 yards on 23 carries in the 19-9 victory over Toronto. Saskatchewan beat British Columbia 26-17 in the West final.

The 95th Grey Cup will be played at the Rogers Centre in Toronto.

Dinwiddie, 26, played at Boise State from 2001 to 2003, and was the 2003 WAC Offensive Player of the Year. He is the NCAA career pass efficiency leader and the BSU record-holder for career passing yards (9,819) and touchdowns (82).

I just read Ryans stats from college days- he has over 9000 passing yards and 82 td throws. He can make it happen. Let them think we are the underdogs, worked against toronto lol

I have said this elsewhere, but I think it bears repeating. Dinwiddie's college stats mean nothing; remember Tee Martin had great college stats.