Any other team have one of these fancy things?

as far as I know, there is only one dinwiddle.

I think I read that in Grade 5- "The Last of the Dinwiddies"

quality control coaches are pretty common in the NFL and NCAA and they usually have offensive and defensive ones. It's a new concept to the CFL as far as I know, but bound to happen at some point. Actually most teams probably have personnel that do something similar to it to some extent but their title probably has something including the word "media" or "video" in it. Basically its an entry level coaching position and they do primarly advance scouting, video study of players, schemes, tendencies, etc of upcoming opponents.

It is actually a perfect for the Als to be able to hire Dinwidde who was Hawkins first superstar QB at Boise state. Although he did not see a great deal of success in the CFL as a player he does know the CFL and offensive schemes etc. Also the ability to work with both Porter and Quinlan as well as Garcia will be a plus.

Montreal used them from 2009 on. Edme on defense and Carson Walch on offense. Nothing new really, just that people never noticed.

what happens if a quality control coach decides that a particular assistant coach is not up to quality?

Well that would be up to the HC, but the quality control guy is an entry level position and a lot of them seem to move on up to becoming positional coaches or co-ordinators, sometimes sooner rather than later.

so what exactly do they control?

Chad Hudson has been doing this for some time in Regina, then Montreal, then back in Regina, Anthony Ierullo with the Argos, Anthony Ierullo for the Lions, etc etc etc

Their primary role is putting together study film for coaches and players. Pretty important role in prepping for a game on an individual basis.

sorry…had Ierullo for the Lions

Good for Dinwiddie. He always had the mind for football, just didn't have the athletic ability. I know he got a few plays into the playbook here in Saskatchewan when he was a backup. Future OC I would say.


have to agree there

and the backup getting plays in the books is a big statement for his football knowledge.

I wish him the best. I believe this is a great pickup.

I've got no problem with Dinwiddie, or the tasks that he might be doing. But the title is corporate nonsense. He's not controlling anything.

...look here Ryan...there's a lot of quality out there and some lame ducks...NO we're not going to pull Anthony and put you in..AND I told you to scrap that Bomber lid...

The title is silly, but it’s a common title south of the border, and quality control generally refers to a position where you are assigned the task of checking a system for flaws or “bugs.” So you “control” quality by bringing every issue to the attention of your superiors. I’m not wild about the term, but it’s made its way into football. The Als aren’t the only team to have a QC guy.

Your compiling data. How many catch, drops, bad throws, fumbles, who was late who blew an assignment you compile everything going on and hand it over in a concise readable matter to the HC or coordinators. You do the same when breaking down opponents.

There you go. QC in a football context, thanks. Basically an entry-level position and not a position of authority in any way, shape, or form.

…so pretty much the way he played quarterback

Ohhh snap!