OFFENSIVE QUALITY CONTROL COACH? Mama, can we gets us one of 'em? Or maybe a defensive one of them, huh, can we?

All I envisioned when I read the title was a bad comedy skit. Sounds like a fake title someone would make up to try and gain access to the team's locker room to get autographs or something.

"Sir are you supposed to be in here?"

"Of course... I am the offensive quality control coach."

But in all honesty, it's just a weird title for an inexperienced coach getting some solid experience working alongside the offensive coaches. Good for Dinwiddie. Another American guy sticking with the Canadian game even after his playing days are done. Good for the league that guys are coming here to play/learn the Canadian game and then are staying here to coach or enter a front office after they retire.

I love seeing Crandell, Dickinson, Khari Jones, Steinauer etc. on the sidelines now after growing up idolizing them as players.

I always figured that a "quality control coach" was a fancy name for "the guy who splices the film reel together".

Dinwiddie is one of five Als' coaches who have never even been on a pro staff. Good luck with that.

he played under Hawkins @ Boise State

An uncle of mine held a "quality control associate" position in a small corporation a few years back.

When I inquired what type of duties were expected in such a capacity, a lengthy pause ensued, followed by a stammering spiel which only led me to further bewilderment. :?

To this day, I don't know what the position entailed, and I don't think he had any idea either.

An Offensive Quality Control Coach. Sounds real corporate to me.

I'm sure there are genuine functions attached to such a fancy title, like makin sure that the footballs are blowed up real good, makin sure the projector really has a light bulb in it. You know, important stuff like that there.

Not sure if I want that title on my business card though. Betcha he'll have a lot of splainin to do with the relatives and friends.

All three of our new coordinators have pro experience: Miller from the NFL, Thorpe from the CFL, and Rychleski NFL as well.

Doug Berry has tons of CFL experience. Mark Nelson was Edmonton's DC last year. Verducci spent many years in the NFL. Edme has been with the Als for the past couple of years. And while Dinwiddie may be a first-time coach, he's working at a very low-level position on the coaching staff, and he's very familiar with the CFL itself.

So in short, the "no pro experience" argument really doesn't fly.

Good Heavens...an Offensive Quality Control Coach.

That means he could be in charge of creating and maintaining the SOP's on how to move the ball offensively. And if employees don't follow those Standard Operating Procedures, they could be found in non compliance, which may result in a Corrective Action request being filed.

And then there's the ISO audits, both internal and external. And maybe before a play has been added to the play book, it has to go through a full validation procedure with all documentation being collected and filed in long term storage.

Nice one Wallace! :thup:

It just reminds me of Bart Andrus hiring all of his buddies from the Europe league, that's all.

Is Mark Nelson the guy who bears a striking resemblance to Nick Nolte?

Why? I'm not sure there's a single member of the coaching staff whose background is NFL Europe. And any new head coach is going to bring in people he's familiar with. Isn't your new OC a former associate of Austin's? Of the staff Hawkins has, some are people he's worked with before, and some don't have any prior connection to him. That's pretty normal to me.

Or Gary Busey. He probably likes the Nick Nolte one better LOL !

You idolized Crandell?

You crack me up. This thread was started in the Cats forum by a Cats fan about something the Als did and here you go, making a fuss because someone from outside your echo chamber is offering a different opinion about the Als. :lol: If you're going to talk about another team, be prepared for that team's fans to engage you in debate, especially when some of your members' statements aren't grounded in fact.

Well said sir. Now if you had tried to hijack a Ticat related thread, well.... :twisted:

:D Obviously, that would have been different.

The vast majority of Cats fans here are polite, articulate, and knowledgeable -- in short, a pleasure to talk football with. It's unfortunate that a couple of squeaky wheels are getting the grease. To those members, I will only say this: despite what you may think, you do not have the right to prevent non-Cats fans from posting here. Get that through your head, or better yet, read the forum code of conduct. Team forums are safe spaces for that team's fans, in that they have the right not to be trolled and abused by fans of other teams, but you are flat-out delusional if you think that you can dictate how and when I can offer a legitimate, respectful opinion, particularly in a thread dedicated to my own team! :lol:

D&P, I know several CFL fans (myself included) that appreciate your insights and respect your views. The CFL is a community and we should always treat other team’s fans with the dignity we expect from them. The few bad apples that think non-TiCats fans are not allowed in the TiCats forum should create their own forum where they can dictate who’s allowed to participate.

I agree with almost everything you said but...??? does that mean we have to treat Argo fans with dignity too???? I don't know if I can do that. It just goes against everything I've been taught. It just ain't natural!!