Ryan Dinwiddie named the Starter

Never would have thought this would happen before the season started.


I guess 0-4 will do that to you. :wink:

An Argo-Cat fan

Winnipeg has got to be the biggest surprise of the season by a long, long shot. They seemed to re-sign all their free agents, and were one broken arm away from a Grey Cup win last year.

Before the season some would have ranked Glenn as the top QB in the league, with Saskatchewan's QB situation the worst. Yet look at their records now.

(Not that I have even an ounce of sympathy. Call me in 6 years if you still can't win a game.)

Give Dimwiddie the !@#$% rock.

Suddenly, our D line woes don't seem so accute.

Anyone call for a Timmy Chang for Tom Canada trade yet?

Who would've thought? Has Glenn been that bad? I know they're losing but from what i've seen i think Glenn has been fine. Well, that's the life of a qb.

I would take NML, Timmy Chang and a 5th round pick for Gavin Walls/Tom Canada/Doug Brown and a 3rd any day.

Is that you, Mr. Desjardins?

They could have had walls last year for maas. doug brown was a free agent this spring wasnt he? thats two of the three they could have had already but didnt. Montreal now signed kahlil carter who was sitting doing nothing while the ticats struggle with the worst dbs in the league. montreal doesnt wait to make changes, thats probably why they compete year in and year out.

Doug Brown has such a hate on for Hamilton he would NEVER sign here, an I for one am GLAD!!!! He's a pantload

Are you kidding me? Desjardins wouldn’t get one of those quality DE’s, he would trade Bauman, Barker and next years first round draft pick for the rights to an American kicker.

As for the Bombers, I think they would be willing to part with Walls, I have been a fan of his since he made his way up here. I was peeved when Desjardins turned down Maas for Walls. Theres no way they would part with Canada, they just signed him for a few years and he’s a team guy.