Ryan, Dan and Myself

I assume Ryan and I will be getting together for a Ticat game this summer.

  • I am going to bug Dan-E-Boy until he comes.
  • PTBO Dave will NOT have an excuse this summer and will join us - he better!
  • Perhaps, if Patrick and Ryan can avoid a scrap, Patrick will join us.
  • I want Earl to come as well.

Anyone else interested in a Ticat game + Wild Wings (after the game) this summer?

Are you paying?

Maybe if he lands enough lawn-mowing gigs this summer.

Make it a Blue Jays game and drag Pat along, and I'm in. :o

I got an idea Kevin. Tellthose who want you to cut their grass thatyou will cut their grass if they buy tickets to cfl game. One cut per ticket.

Don't you wish! :slight_smile:

That works for me. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I am a LAZY man and 2 lawns per week is enough for me.

Maybe I'll charge so much they don't ask me.

Only way I'd go to the ticats stadium ...now Toronto or maybe Ottawa sure I might even buy yours ...but Hamilton nope not gonna let B.Y. have even $0.01 of my money

Boooooooooo! You should come. It will be fun. Wings are always good - after the game.

Not to Ti-cats Home Stadium..
I will be up there this year to Hamilton and Niagara Falls to see some family but don't know when I am in the middle of becoming a US citizen so am waiting for that to finish and then get my US passport ...then I can go

Try and make it.