Ryan Claridge-Linebacker-Travis' Brother

I know this is a link to an old story, but it got me to thinking when we continually talk about our teams immediate needs...

Offensive tackle (G'awd I miss Travis Claridge)

Rushing linebacker

One of the things that I always remember about Travis is quoted in this article...

"you hit my QB it's like you slapped my mother"

[url=http://cfl.scalar.mrx.ca/print.php/article/death_of_a_lineman]http://cfl.scalar.mrx.ca/print.php/arti ... _a_lineman[/url]

Travis would tell stories about practicing against his brother. He hoped his brother would get on our negotiation list.

Just wondering...has Ryan still got the urge to play ball...he is only 27 and I'm positive he has the drive and determination of Travis! Where is he now??? He last played for New England Patriots.

I appreciate that you linked us to that article, woody.

Aside from the reference to Travis'
brother, Ryan, and other new things

reading that article brought back
many good feelings about Travis.

What an imposing figure he was
and what a beast he was on the field.

Dave Hack could see that before he played a down

and even with the many years straight
that Dave was an all star O-lineman here,

IMO, he knew his days were numbered.


Thanks for that Mark :thup:

Looks like he is teaching? I wonder if he has any game left in him? I wonder if O’bie has ever heard of him?

I know his mom lives in Port Huron (across the river from Sarnia). One of the things that Travis liked about Hamilton was that it was close to home. (relatively speaking…a 3 hour drive)

Like I said before if he has even half the drive and determination of Travis…is healed up and wants to play ball…I’d hope we could give him a look! :thup:

Woody my friend, you really bring back great memories. Travis Claridge was one of a kind. I'll never forget one of his (all too few) games, the Cats were playing Edmonton.......and Travis made Joe Montford a complete non=factor in the game, something that was most definitely NOT easy to do. Took him right out of the game.............the game announcers hardly mentioned Montford's name at all. A really tremendous performance by an O-lineman. The CFL is the poorer due to his loss, truly sad.

True testament.........Mrs MadJack, a true football fan but no expert, hardly ever notices offensive linemen unless they really screw up (i.e. Powell, Woodard, Cavka).....but she sure noticed Claridge that day!!