Ryan Bomben for TJ Heath ?

According to Herb Z, the deal is done.

CFL Website reports done deal in the link below,

Je comprends que nous avons actuellement une sorte de surplus de joueur de ligne offensive, mais je doute que ça puisse améliorer la protection de notre quart-arrière, chose vitale pour les Alouettes. En espérant que d'autres transactions suivront pour avoir enfin une vraie ligne offensive.

Je suis totalement en accord avec l'échange. Avec le retour de Philippe Gagnon,et probablement les retours de Sean Jamieson et Tyler Johnstone, il y avait un surplus de joueurs de ligne offensive nationaux. Si Johnstone est apte à revenir au jeu,il sera le plaqueur à gauche et Tony Washington le plaqueur à droite; d'ailleurs il a joué à gauche et à droite durant sa carrière.

Selon moi, Philippe Gagnon va remplacer Ryan Bomben.

S'il est vrai que la saison de Mitchell White est terminé,des décisions devaient être prises. De plus, Mitchell White n'a pas été le joueurs anticipé depuis le début de la saison.

Quand le départ d'Ernest Jackson?


En plus, le contrat de Bomben se termine cette année...et il signera pour Hamilton ou Toronto l'année prochaine.

I'm not normally high on trading a Canadian for an import but Bomben wasn't going to extend in Montreal... As we can see Toronto would have made him an offer in free agency. Heath is a good DB who is signed for the next two years.

But again, where is the scouting for this team?? You have to wonder why the Als even have a scouting department.

Has Adarius Bowman reported yet? Will he report? that could play a part.

Definitely a panic move by Kavis because of the season ending injury to Mitchell White.

You do not win a trade by trading a National for an International. And if you look at CFL Transactions June 21, Bomben had signed a new contract and therefore tied to the Als in 2019.

If our American scouting was in any way competent, they would have been able to find a replacement for White, who I agree has not been the shutdown corner he was supposed to be.

And if you think we have a surplus of o-linemen and want to trade Bomben your return should be another National. We certainly could use a National receiver.

We`ve basically ended up trading our 2019 2nd round draft choice for T.J. Heath.

I wonder if he told Sherman, he’s getting a penalty machine in Heath? Two of the biggest problems for this team are discipline and poor tackling and Heath will add to that.

Having said that, since he will be replacing White, bad penalties are probably a wash.

Replacing White on the roster, yes. . . but please don't play him on the corner; Heath is a standout HB and that's where he belongs.

Someone has had their coffee this morning and fired up!

With Kavis and Bergevin caffeine isn`t needed to get the heart pumping. :slight_smile:

It's easy to say where's the recruiting and I kind of agree, but you don't find a DB All-star for the past 2 seasons just like that; furthermore, if Mitchell White is gone for the season you had to find a solution. Top DB's are not available just like that. You only have to look at Saskatchewan playing an all-star WR,Carter, since they can't find a replacement for injured CB,Marshall.

Yes,Bomben is a very good Nat. OL but there are good ones on the roster,which was not the situation when Kavis traded for Bomben. At that time, Philippe Gagnon was gone for 6 games, Trey Rutherford had not been drafted and neither was Tyler Johnstone. The Als could not keep all these players.

T.J. Heath is signed for 2018 only and not for 2 years.


It`s like the old cartoon where a guy plugs a leak with his finger only to see another leak elsewhere.

Heath is a decent DB, but now there will be a leak at RG. Gagnon is not yet a Bomben andRutherford was a scratch last game. They preferred dressing Landon Rice.

It makes sense to trade from a position of depth to acquire at a position of need. But value wise it seems way off. Usually a starting calibre National OL is worth much more than a veteran DB heading to free agency.

Especially as Heath has not impressed in Toronto thus far.
Granted Bomben has also struggled on the league's worse O-line. Wonder how much his cast hurt his game so far?

I'm surprised Montreal didn't ask for Brian Jones in the package. A Canadian receiver who isn't getting much opportunity with the Argos. High pedigree, who must also be headed to free agency next year and needs a chance. Assume Toronto made this move to have flexibility to dress 4 American receivers. That doesn't bode well for Jones getting more chances there.

Why stop there. Go for the trifecta and add the Impact with those two. :wink:

Just curious. If Heath was not performing with the Argos, will that change here all of a sudden?

I was speaking in general terms, the lack of "finds" from this organization is damning.

Herb saying Heath is practicing at boundary HB.

well that's good