Better break out that "Bombs Away"! :lol: :lol: :lol:

OH it is happening as we speak ha ha ha Rented a plane and I am spraying the skies over Winneee right now just take a deep breath! Thanks to Pappa for making the arrangments for the plane and the sprayer! :lol:

Exposure to Bombs away! What will it do?

  1. Light headed - Yes most bomber fans have this already but now they will feel they are floating away
  2. They will get the urge to cheer on the team with the horse logo
  3. They can only see red and white colors
  4. It will lessen their false hopes of playiing in the Grey Cup
  5. Bragging will be toned down somewhat but it will still happen but for other teams.
  6. Pigs will fly!

Order yours today! Only works on Bomber fans works great. They just sit there mumbling to themselves! You will aprreciate this product! Cheap price as well! Do not go anywhere with out it!

I'll take 1

I'll take 1

Seriously a case is recommended! And since you are a rider fan! Theres this product but today you would not use it!

…keep that crow handy my son…and don’t think that spray is gonna help you…suggestion…you might try spraying a little on that black bird…may go down a little easier for ya…like i said we ain’t done yet :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Now that you mention Dad! here you go I do not think Stamp fans will need to eat crow but I can tell you some bomber fans will need this to get use to the taste!

I’m going to need a EE, BC, HAM, SSK, and CAL please, I pay 125 bucks for them.

Ota maybe in the future.

NO products available for the BC,Calgary, Hamilton but the riders do have a product!

I don't like the sound of that last sideeffect!