Rusty's Musings

  • The Blue Bombers got SPANKED last night. This was good and bad for me. Bad because it caused me to lose my Pro-Line ticket but it was Good because anytime someone in our division loses a game it helps the 'Cats. Especially if the Argo's and Bombers KEEP losing. We might see the playoffs.

  • What's with some of these ridiculous trade ideas that some fans on this site have? Someone mentioned a Timmy Chang for TJ Acree trade the other day. Seriously, why don't we just trade Richie Williams to New England for Randy Moss and Tom Brady? Of course the Patriots would have to throw in some cash, too.

  • Speaking of Richie Williams and Timmy Chang... I'm still on the Chang Wagon. I have faith in this guy. I really hope that we keep him around. With Danny Mac working with the QB's Chang can really learn the game.

  • Jesse Lumsden needs something like 60 yards to take over the lead in rushing. With the way he runs he might do that on one run!

  • We've only played 2 games so far but there's already been a striking difference to last year at this time... Nick Setta hasn't scored ALL of our points!

  • Nick Setta is the best kicker in the league!

  • Time to go out and get a Large Double Double.

60 yards will not be easy against Regina, we're better off to not run the ball too much tonight, except slip a few in on second and 10 when they really like to go after the qb.

Just say if we win tonight we are tied for first place! How do you like those apples?