Has anyone heard from Rusty lately and know if he's back in Canada at the present time?

PM me if you know.


Yup... he came back safely


Can't find the last e-mail I exchanged with him after he got back, so I can tell you when he got back. He spent quite some time out in the field, and saw more than he wants to remember.

Hopefully he is back to normal, but how do you get back to normal after going through what our soldiers go through.


Rusty is proof positive freedom isn't free.

I'm glad he back safe and sound..

Big thanks to Rus and all of our brave brave soldiers.I'm glad to hear that Rus is back safely, hopefully the CFL will do a great job again this year recognizing the brave men and women of the Canadian forces.

Thanks for the update all. . . but if anyone has his email address please shoot it to me. . . we'll be up his way in a few weeks and I wanted to make contact.

Good to hear that he is back. I can't imagine what he may have gone through, but I appreciate what he and others like him have done for us and wish him all the best.

I'm here.

I decided to check on the forums (it's been awhile) and saw my (old) name.

Long story short... this new login thing is terrible!!! I've tried and tried and tried to "link my accounts" and each and everytime it messed up, wouldn't work, etc... To the point that I gave up. But... figners crossed it seems to be working now... but with a new user name.

As far as being home..

Got back to Canada at the end of November. Spent my tour out at a "Fob". It wasn't too bad. Some people had it much worse than me. Glad to be home though. If you ever see pictures of a mountain side overthere that has a big Canadian Flag on it (painted rocks)... that's where I was. Got to watch a lot of the Ticats games on the CF TV channel. Either at 2am, 11pm or re-played at 10am. My crew knew how much it meant to me so they were pretty good about it on game days.

I proudly flew a Ticats flag where I was living (I think the locals were puzzled by it) and on days that the 'Cats played The Blue team I changed my nametage to the one I ordered myself "ARGOS SUCK". Nobody "important" noticed whew... or they did and agreed with me... so they let it go... who knows.

Looking forward to a new season and being able to watch games at a normal hour... and that refreshing taste of cold, cold, cold beer! That beats sun-heated water anyday!

So... that's that.... now lets hope this thing lets me log in again.

ps - if you have facecrack you can pm me and add me. I've got some pictures up.

Looks like it’s just you and me tonight Rusty…

How’s the family??

Mom, Dad? The football?

Mom and Dad are good. I should probably call the soon - lol

The football is in my Man-Cave.

The little guy is doing well. I was worried that he would have a hard time adjusting to me being home but as soon as we stepped into the drill hall I went right up to him and was greeted with "DAAAAAADDDDDDYYYY" and a big hug and kiss.

wonderful news

take care

It's good to hear you are home safe and sound. Thank you for serving your country.

That's great to hear and welcome back!!

I made a video that you might find fun. It's an MTV Cribs episode that I made. It's kind of lame... but it shows you a bit of over there. Had to make sure not to show too much of the background and stuff (stupid security stuff - lol) but you get a good idea of where I was.