Rusty Tillman Gets The Axe

Wow, nice start to preparations for their playoff game. What did Rusty do this time that was so bad it couldn't wait until their season ended?

probably insulted Paopao again

I do not feel sorry for the little pissant.

Bang on Area. . . there's gotta be something going on here, you don't can the GM just before a playoff game because 'you want to go in a different direction'.

Suggest you delete that post before you get banned or sued for making libelous statements.

if you are watching the game and listening to the panel and dunigan, you might understand that there are apparently internal issues, personality conflicts ,etc. There are reasons why tillman doesnt last very long anywhere, success or not.

seconded. except he probably cannot now.

This post is really beneath you... I did have some respect for you, but this takes it all away. We don't know any of the details of why... and until that comes to light, a post like this should be deleted... extremely bad taste.

I'm just taking a brief break from Western/McMaster game to ask....

What...the....hell? The Edmonton season isn't even over yet for another week....

Got to be something going on behind the scenes because this makes no sense at this point in the season.



Explain why it doesn't make sense.

Once a company realizes you are not the right man for the job, why procrastinate, fire (let him go...:slight_smile: the person and get on with life. Life is too short to "wait" for the right time. Is the team going to play differently now that the GM is gone. I don't think so. Is there really a right time?

You guys don't sound business owners to me..............vbg


There is a lot that is unkown and probably will never be, however there are many reasons for sudden terminations in senior leadership in any organization. Cutting him vs sending him home till the end of the season is strange though.

Doubt he will stay unemployed for long

Expected the firing, but not right now. Timing is very odd and you have to figure something really serious was happening / suddenly happened behind the scenes to make them can the GM the week before a playoff game.

My preliominary theory is that they decided he had to go and did not want to risk a surprising roll through the playoffs (if it were to happen) making it harder to follow through after the season. This way it's done, regardless of what happens over the next three weeks.

Esks forum post says decision was made October 25th. But you can take your pick from Trading Ray, living in Regina after more than two years,Trading two draft picks for a kicker who hasn't seen the field, dwindling attendances,losing record, zero community involvment, polarized fanbase.

I seem to remember some people saying that trading Ray was a good thing for the Eskimos !

How does this make business sense. Firing him 8 days before a high profile game (or a business presentation) makes sense? Making the decision on October 25th then waiting 8 days to implement makes sense? Once they've waited 8 days (after their regular season has ended) why not continue to wait until after the playoffs?

If this is what you call good business practice I'm glad I'm not in business with you.

Depends on the situation. Takes less than a minute to fax a trade to league office. Once you don't trust an executive, your best to lock him out right there and then. A GM can do a lot of damage in 8 days. Or maybe the plan was to do it after the end of the season but Tillman found out and they had to take the keys from him.

Pretty sure the "internal issues" or "personality conflicts" didn't just happen over the past 24hrs. If, as alleged in a previous post, the Eskimos made their decision back on October 25th why not fire Rusty then? Like you said, it doesn't make any sense to wait.

How many "businesses" wait to fire the CEO until right before they announce earnings?

There's a right time and there's a wrong time for firings - - this move by Edmonton falls under the latter. Terrible move. Or are the Esks trying to use it as some laughable type of motivation?