Rusty Printers will shine

As Beetjuice has pointed out, Printers is playing well (other than some bonehead turnovers last night) but can and should get better given more time.

I agree, as I've noticed his tendency to telegraph his passes and hold on a little too long thus allowing the defence to converge on his target. That is easily fixable, especially when given more reps. He'll find his mojo.

Another aspect of his game that Beetlejuice has noted is his tendency to drill the ball almost always when, at times, a little touch is required.

Case in point, the interception by Armour at the end of the half.

Watch the replay and you'll see Armour lock on Printers' eyes and run to the throwing lane IMMEDIATELY.

All Casey had to do was look to his left and Armour would have taken a couple of steps that way, and he never would have been in postion to get in the throwing lane to Miles' slant.

Furthermore, again looking at the replay, instead drilling it to Miles, a little touch over the top would have found Miles all alone behind his defender for an easy TD.

Remember Nik Lewis's second TD when Glasper signaled offensive interefence (which it wasn't, IMO)?

That was all pass by Burris. Just enough touch and location to allow Lewis to make his move and adjust to the ball. IMO, that's exactly what Printers needs to do just as Beetlejuice has pointed out elsewhere.

Some real good points, there, Captain.

Yes, I`ve noticed that Casey has been rushing his passes. At times he has looked like a rookie QB( But in a way he is, one full season with BC, 2004, backup in the Nfl)

Yes, maybe deceiving the defense without telegraphing his throws so obviously. I think at times hes looked like hes in a panic. He could be a little more calm.

He will get better.

One of my favourite plays ( in a game of few) was when he ran for that first down and took the big hit, got up real quick. That was impressive!!

He's also missed guys with his passes. A sure fire drive killer. But what bothers me more is he almost seems to be adlibbing a lot of the time. He doesn't strike me as being poised and in control. Even on the sidelines, he's stomping around exhorting his guys to play better instead of standing back and focussing on the game, analyzing what's going on and how to make it better. I know he's trying to be a leader to his guys but he needs to at least appear more calm and collected too.

I have no doubt that he is still a very good QB but this will take time.

An Argo-Cat fan

Printers had his worst game of the year last night and definitely needs to settle down instead of throwing darts all the time and letting opposing safeties read his eyes. However, it's hard to be effective in a Bellefeuille offense.

Danny Mac will be the calming influence printers needs over the long haul. If I had been the coach last night i would have yanked printers near the end of the half and told him point blank to relax, talk to danny and marcel, your going back in later. give him some time to watch from the sidelines for a while, maybe get a new perspective and relax. Then put him back in sometime in the third unless williams is moving the ball well and putting up points. Printers main problem is he is too tight and forcing things. A few series watching from the sidelines has changed the game for many qbs in the past.

That’s another good observation that I have to agree with.

Relatively speaking, he is failry young and inexperienced as a pro QB.

And right again, in that D-Mac should be a positive, calming and maturing influence on him.

He may be trying to force things out of desperation, I agree. Maybe he's hoping one of the receivers will strangely make a play. I don't know. But really, what is gonna do if no one is open? The whole offense needs to settle down and practice execution, including Printers. If no one is open I guess he runs or throws it away - like "high out of bounds" away.

printers is the least of this team’s worries right now.

One thing that Printers does that bothers me right now is that he doesn't step up in the pocket enough.

Often the defensive ends will rush around the outside, so our tackles push them outside, but Printers doesn't step up in the pocket (where the protection is). Instead he's always moving backwards and he's making the line look worse than they've been playing. If he steps up he'd have lots more time to find an open guy instead of running for his life back there.

Good point, I've noticed this as well, i hate seeing him run backwards 15yards. Hes done it 2-3 times already and we've seen what happens.

Well I've seen him get chased back. I've never seen him run backwards voluntarily. But that's his game. Nine times out of ten when he leaves the pocket he gets the pass off, and he is amazingly accurate when he's running. Oddly his longest passes of the game are always on the run. I've never seen him dink and dump and he's scrambling. It's always a first down pass. I don't have a problem with his scrambling really. Although he holds the ball a little too long sometimes; i've been holding my breath at times thinking he's gonna take a 15 yards sack before he finally gets rid of it.

I have no problem with him scrambling to the outside, its plays were he keeps backpeddling until hes 15yards back. We should be using his mobility more, but there are a lot of things i think we should be doing that we arent.. including diversifying our playcalling.

I have had almost enough of Printer's, I think it is about time charlie sat him out and started Richie. Maybe this will make Casey think about the amount of money Bob is paying him to win games.

This statement is ludacris. Casey has played great, he needs a better supporting cast.

He has yet to have a great game.

I agree with the poster who said that Printers is the least of our worries. This is a 'run first' team. Throwing is secondary (but admittedly also important, just not equally). It is a young group of receivers and they will get better. Out of Mitchell, Baumann, and Rodriguez, at least one of them will be a bonafide CFL star (preferrably with us!).