Russiophobia and Sports/Entertainment

I cant help but notice the growing rise of Russiophobia growing in Canada. A few weeks ago, hockey leagues refused to allow Russian players into the draft.

Today I read this story about the Arts refusing to allow Russian musicians the ability to perform.

Seems strange that after years of reminders not to paint all people with the same brush (think terror attacks) that we all the sudden have done a 180 and are tolerating this type of stuff.


As is common in such times soon after a historic event, society does very poorly to distinguish between those who advocate openly or benefit from the actions of a war enemy versus those who are citizens who do not do so.

We saw this behaviour after the start of every conflict or war in the US and to the wrong more than to the right, and short of advocacy of or benefit from any association with a war enemy, society should know better but it appears to me that not nearly enough people do yet again.


The Russians could easily be called Ukrainaphobic also, as most (about 60%) support the invasion. And the Russian military which most support is certainly making all Ukrainians suffer. Perspective...


It would be responsible and important to evaluate first those outside of Russia on an individual level as opposed to drawing conclusions based on merely identity.

It's too easy and wrong to dismiss people based on merely identity.

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Im sure like Canada, there are multiple differing views in Russia about their leadership's decisions.

I dont see how its helpful to ban a musician from performing because of his nationality


I would argue that it is even more wrong to invade someone and kill many of them based on identity.

There is no easy answer here. Agreed that profiling an entire country is not fair on the surface. It is also not responsible to sit back and do nothing so as not to offend people by profiling while an unmitigated slaughter continues. Obviously the sanctions against Russia are aimed in large part at motivating the Russian people to pressure Putin, however, there is no guarantee that will be successful.

What I am clear on is that high profile people like Ovechkin that overtly supported a brutal regime should be wide open for criticism. He is not an innocent and he refuses to walk back his support of a murderous thug. That has nothing to do with profiling. I would have no difficulty with the US sending him back to Russia where he belongs.


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I think a different term should be used than Russiophobia.

What's happening is not of fear of Russians but due to the country's actions many countries (mainly the west) are more and more companies from them are simply not doing business with Russia or any company from there at the present time.

So no one should be shaming or hating Russians themselves on a personal level. But there will be some consequences some will have to face (i.e. Junior hockey players, artists from there) for their leader's actions. if they are not permitted to enter the country then they simply can't perform.


I think the best way sports fans could protest when Russian players are involved is
When Ovi has the puck, instead of booing(even tho he has roots to supporting Putin)
Chant " Slava Ukraini " Which means Glory to Ukraine



Regardless of anyone's view on things, the fact remains that the Russian military are getting their ass kicked in Ukraine. This is the worlds 2nd most powerful military we're talking about, and Putin has about 75% of it in Ukraine.

If I wasn't in need of constant cancer treatment, I'd be over there using my military experience to help Ukraine fight. They already have a dedicated regiment of about 550 Canadians.


Businesses severing ties is likely more due to sanctions making it unfeasable. Evraz in Regina as an example was going to be sanctioned as its partly owned by a Russian oligarch (dont ask me why).

While I get the rationale, is the best course of action to really take it out on some 16 year old kid trying to fulfill his hockey dreams and goals who may or may not even support the war to begin with?

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Yeah well killing people because of their nationality is pretty discriminatory. So far, NATO is all talk. We have the boys, we have the toys. Time to squash that Russian bug.