Russian law affects NHL team

NHL team won't wear Pride jerseys, citing new Russian law (

What do you think. Normally I would balk at the idea of anything Russia does controlling anything we want to do in NA. However, I am in support of trying to protect Russian players and their families.

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well the Staal boys ain't Russian nor is Reimer.


OK, you asked my opinion.
I see it as an excuse to shield homophobic players from criticism for not wearing a Pride jersey.


oh yea Sergei Bobrovsky took part in the Pride warm up.
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this isn't about russian law or putin. this is about privileged straight men making a mockery of supporting awareness and inclusion of a marginalized minority all about their bigotry, and their team's hollow excuses for them that simply trivializes to LGBTQ people any message of allyship that was intended with the event.

the team should not have these events if they are not all in. don't worry boys, it ain't contagious. you won't catch the gay by wearing rainbow stuffs.

there have been various russian players who have taken part in their team's Pride event wearing a themed jersey this season, including Evegeny Malkin.


I don't get why sports teams are wearing a rainbow anyway. Sorta like the Rush hosting drag queens at half time. If you are into that sorta stuff by all means go for it.

no it is not sorta like that at all and this response ironically shows why we need Pride events.

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Because we have folks who are agnostic on lgbt and don't feel the need to virtue signal by going to a parade?

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you think awareness of marginalized minority rights is virtue signalling?

wtf does that term even mean?

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It's the new fad..

Bill Mahar has some interesting points and uses humor.


Seems like a stretch to me.

You would think the Hawks would have learned from their last PR debacle.