Russian Athletes excommunicated?

So I was just wondering. So many countries and sports bodies are saying Russia not welcome during this war action.

My question is, does this mean that as soon as it is over, one way or the other, things go back to normal in the sports world.

IMO Russia should be ignored by the sports world until Putin and his supporters are no longer in charge.


I think you are correct @FYB . These things take time as will various other known and still unknown consequences of the brave new world.

Tonight I was commenting to a fellow fan of Liverpool that it will be the first time in my life, and quite strange, that we will be watching packed stadiums playing in Europe with live and bloody war taking place within easy driving distance or short flights from many venues.

I'm grateful for whatever we can see given the pandemic delays and rescheduling for two years now.

We ought not take any of it for granted now though or when things go back to "normal."

The new "normal" of course will not be necessarily normal. Some things always change for the rest of our lives after catastrophic events.

What we have experienced in two years already reshapes this entire decade.

Russia should be treated like South Africa when it had Apartheid until it oust Putin's evil regime

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Are we allowed to talk about this?


Why not? It's major news

Welll it's just that I thought the ban on politics would have excluded it; otherwise I'd have started a thread on it myself.

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There is a war going on in the Ukraine, it's gone beyond the political talk spectrum


this topic is and should continue to be about sport viewpoint.

"War is the continuation of politics by other means". . . . Carl von Clausewitz

Yes and the bans and restrictions on Russia are based on a bloody war in progress not the sporting competition. There's no use sugar-coating that reality.

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Will allow it, for now. Let's keep the conversation more about how things are affecting russian athletes with regards to sport than the actual politics behind the military action.


Meanwhile over at they have a thread started and going strong on the subject that is currently sitting at 1790 posts and 120 pages (and counting) .

So any bets on how long this one here goes before it gets locked down ?

I'm placing the over/under number at 40.5 posts before the plug gets pulled on this thread . And I'll take the under with the way things go in here when it comes to locking threads .

Nothing good comes out of an invasion be it Russia into Ukraine or US into Iraq.
I do feel for guys like Ovechkin who was all but begging reporters to stop probing him. As he says he has family living in Russia still.


CCM not going to feature Ovekchin or any other Russian players in marketing.

Rick Westhead: CCM Hockey to stop using Alex Ovechkin, Russian players in global marketing -

When there are other options might as well use them.

Well maybe Alex should go back to Russia so he can be with his family as well as his old buddy Putin .



I won't argue those two examples.

But I can think of some invasions where something good did come of it.

D-Day comes quickly to mind.

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Ovechkin has been the most famous athlete in Russia to unreservedly support Putin for years. His explanation to the press was lame and pathetic. He basically said he was an athlete and not a politician and had no comment or answer for the question asked. Funny that he didn’t play the dumb athlete card when he was outright supporting him. He will find himself on the wrong side of history.

Nothing to do with his family though. They’re just lucky they don’t live in the Ukraine.

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He's a great hockey player and I don't wish bad on him at all or his family but what he thinks or doesn't think, well I'm not going to lose a second of sleep one way or another.