Russia Banned From 2018 Olympics

It's about time the IOC pushed back. No athletes, no officials, not even their flag is allowed onsite. And the ROC is fined $15 million.


Now maybe some credibility and faith in the Olympics can be restored. The IOC today have also banned Vitaly Mutko from the Olympics for life for his role in state-supported doping. He is president of the Russian Football Association and is organizing the 2018 World Cup. Over to you, FIFA. Your move.

not sure of what the situation is, but unless they have definitive proof that Russia soccer team was involved, there is not need for FIFA to ban just because the Olympics did.

Not sure if/how the IOC would be obligated to share evidence. The fact that it's out there (a lifetime Olympic ban on the guy who is heading up World Cup Russia 2018) should make others within FIFA and the World Cup very very concerned.

This is all about restoring credibility within the elite sporting community and the world now knows that the organizer of World Cup Russia is corrupt within the sport.

All of this just isn't good for sport, period. Not good. Like Christmas, the spirit takes a back seat to the money.

I commend the IOC for finally dealing with this in a very serious manner. It sends a message and MIGHT restore credibility to what should be a wholesome, natural showcase of the world's best athletes. Not sure what else they could have done to stop the doping.