Russell Wilson wants out of Seattle?

Trade rumors are swirling in Seattle. I personally don't see him being traded. These types of rumors happen every off-season to keep people talking about the NFL, most never come to fruition.

I do think RW has gotten a big head since marrying Ciera though. Maybe it is time for him to move on.

...he made comments on/just after SB that he was unhappy with the OL around him, took too many hits...but it opened up a can because what are ‘too many’ hits for a scrambling QB? He wants pocket type protection but he’s not a pocket QB...tough to blame the line when you’re trying to make something outta nothing...

...I agree about your point of character though, this stuff lately seems out f place for the guy who appeared to be very-much a team player/leader...

...maybe he just wants to get out of the sh!thole society that Seattle has become lately....raise his children on playgrounds not littered with syringes and poop...

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Specifically what make you think he has a big head since marrying his wfe?

I agree with your first assessment. Part of that is his height. He has to move outside the pocket to get a clear launchpoint and what makes him so dynamic is his ability to escape the pocket and extend plays. He's also extremely accurate and is willing to take the hit to make the play.

I'm sure he's still a good guy but pretty demanding. When you one of the top paid players in the league that'll impact the team's ability to sign players.

Seattle likely tanks without him there though. Although I think they could trade for Sam Darnold from the Jets and get a few draft picks out of the deal. I always thought Darnold got a raw deal. He could turn his career around under the right circumstances and organization

...the raiders make an interesting choice...amongst draft picks and other players you’d could make a case on Seattle’s side to take Carr and Mariotta both, gets you pivot #1 and #2 guys right away...not sure what their contracts are though, I’m just looking at positions...

..I don’t think the jets are an option...RW has a no-trade clause and apparently the only four places he said he’d consider are Dallas, New Orleans, LV and Chicago as they all have HCs that are offensive minded...

Dallas would probably over compensate to get him. I wouldn't want to trade him inside the conference though so you are probably right in your assessment that LV would be the most likely landing spot if he is indeed traded.

If I am Seattle I would be doing everything to keep RW.
I do think they nred to solidify their offenive plan
If they are a run oriented team then be that with a good play action. A stud ball catching TE. Get ball out of his hands in 2.5 sec.
One more deep speed guy.

I think they have grown complacent with RW ability to improvise.

can you imagine the damage he woud do in Dallas?

He wa on the Als neg list once upon a time. Just sayin...


yeah..I'm sure he'd trade 30M contact for $500,000 AND move to a foreign country.

...seeing three way trade here...Seattle sends RW to the Als, the rights for the XFL go to Seattle and Montreal provides exclusive use of St. Helen’s island for DwayneJohnsonLand...

So you’re saying there’s a chance...


Why not? No worries about being shot. Access to healthcare, marijuana, Better diet. His life expediency would increase by moving to Canada.

Wilson can easily start a movie production company in Vancouver for 30 million. What better way to transit to a life after football

You're a funny guy , Mark. :grin: This gave me a chuckle. I like your sense of humour.


I tried to post this in the NFL Youbet 21/22 thread that FYB started, but I already have 3 posts in that new thread.

Oh well here we are and I figure that though mere chatter and common for agents to field interest for high-profile players let alone boost their value to an existing team, this is bigger news than it is only because it's the off-season.

12 February 2021
So did anybody else notice Russell Wilson and his wife sitting in the commissioner's suite talking with him during the Super Bowl?

And now days later Wilson's camp gets out word that he wants a trade and the Seahawks are not thrilled. Hmmm.

Gotta throw Oak Island in there to sweeten that deal ...

It looks like Dallas would be out of the question as they just gave Prescott a big deal

Thanks Dak for handcuffing the Cowboys for many years to come, Ya overrated bum. And I'm a Cowboys fan


They make horrible decisions. I like Dak but doubt he wins a Super Bowl.

Dak is king of Garbage stats. His numbers are inflated when games are out of hand by the start of the 4th quarter. The Cowboys won't win with him.

The Cowboys were better off letting him go, Let Dalton run the offense, draft a QB in the first round and use the savings from not signing Dak on the Defense side of the ball. The NFC East is winnable because no other team is going to run away with the division

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