Russ Michna

With Kevin Glenn hurt again, everyone welcome our next starting QB. Please. Thanks in advance...


Daley really is a freakin idiot.

Yup...Michna did something remarkable.........made plays......did you see how the receivers tried a little harder with Russ in there. Can't wait for the dumb excuses from daley for waiting so long to put him in..

Daly had better move Michna to backup (second string) and Tee Martin to third. Michna proved that he makes much better decisions that Tee. If Michna came in right when Glenn got injured, we likely would have won.

Michna looked very poised and confident, where Tee seems to look hesitant and unsure of himself. I sure hope that Glenn is healthy for next week's game against Hamilton, but if not, Michna should start.

The team seems to have confidence in Michna, and I can't say the same about Tee.

Knowing Daly, he'll keep Martin in at backup (I sure hope that I'm wrong though)...

Now...will the Tee Martin lovers now admit that I was right?

The answer lies with Michna or Wynn. That was shown tonite.
Michna got more TD's in one quarter than Martin did in 3 games.

I for one welcome our new starting QB...Russ Michna.

The heck with that...put TEE on the practice roster and bring Wynn back to the game as the third.....TEE has not improved one little bit....nana nawa nana nawa...hey hey ..good bye..(TEE)

In my opinion Wynn > Michna > Glenn > Martin. We'll see what happens next week against Hamilton. Both team desperate for wins means one of two things. A blowout by the team who shows up, or a complete crap game in a battle for last place.

In my opinion Michna>Glenn>Wynn> the kid that sells 50/50 tickets. Martin Shouldn't even be on the radar.....TEE has done something that he may never recover from.....lost his team mates confidence...

AS I listen to the post game show.My god.....Daley is STILL thinking of putting in TEE if Glenn can't next game......who the hell is adviseing green men?......

Daly just said on the CJOB post game show that right now as it stands, if Glenn is injured next week, Tee will be starting, but he further said that could change after re-evaluating Michna and Tee's performance in this game.

A further observation I have is that as soon as Tee comes into the game, the offense falls appart, the effort goes down, and the team loses confidence. Maybe Tee just isn't a leader???

michna played better then tee.. daley is stupid

K84....supid is just not a strong enough word..... :twisted: :twisted: :shock: :twisted: :twisted:

If we can't beat the Ti-Cats next week (God forbid) I think Michna should be made the starter.

On the CJOB post game show Joe Fleming just suggested (without saying it outright) that Michna should start if Glenn is injured next week. He was VERY carefull with his words though...

Yup...very careful..actually it seemed like all the BB's were very marked with their words..but then what are they going to say after 6 out of 7 losses that they haven't said before..

Martin won't play another game in the CFL.

He better not. :twisted:

Where have all the TEE fans gone? I remember reading that Bombers' fans saying Daley should give TEE a chance, he's our savior. Not a single good thing to be found about him anymore.

Michna looked decent in the game but still think Wynn should be your starter. Why in the hell would the Bombers go and acquire him from the Lions if they're not gonna give him a chance. He's got a good arm and a couple years CFL experience.

Ask Daley.

Hey , i just had an idea...Taman could trade TEE for a 20th round draft in the one of the popwarner teams...he could be the bus wait if he makes as good a reads on the road as on the field....they could be all killed.....scratch one idea.....

bigcanadiano ... have you finally given up on Martin or are you being sarcastic?

You're the guy who's 'interest was peaked' by Martin and thought he had the goods, do you still favour starting him or have you changed stripes?


Lionbacker -

From what I can tell it's because he was completely ineffective during the preseason. I also suspect there is a personality issue at play.