Russ Lande is back

A surprising move by the Elf. Good on him for being open-minded to bring someone from the old regime back but where are those vaunted connections?

Hard to evaluate a scout, never seemed very impressive but without knowing who recruited who...

Congrats and best of luck to him, he's a nice guy. Follow him on Twitter

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Thought Russ Lande was a scout with Calgary. I must have missed when they released him.

Believe he was only a consultant with Calgary ... so there may have been a clause in his contract allowing an out for a full-time staff offer ... OR ... he was a regional scouting consultant with Calgary, so Director of US scouting would be a promotion.

Russ Lande said in a recent podcast that the Als once signed former NFL 5th round draft pick QB Nate Davis. Lande said he all the physical tools but never lived up to his potential because he had a learning disability and also developed a liking for pot. Davis never made it to Canada as he changed his mind at the airport. Apparently, he was content playing in indoor football with the Amarillo Venom.

Lande was hired by Popp in 2013. It would be interesting to know which current Als are a result of Lande recommendations.

Sam Gahagan who was once a player agent and also a BC Lions Regional Scout says he is now a member of the Als as a Special Assistant to the GM and a US College Scout.

From his Linked In he has a connection to Chris Jones which I guess is a plus.

In 2016 I stepped away from Axios Sports Management and Ultra Publicity and was hired by Chris Jones of the Saskatchewan Roughriders as the Southeast Regional US Scout. I have been working with Chris for many years and due to my eye for talent, exceptional work ethic, and knowledge of the game, he offered me an opportunity to join his staff.

He's a confident ladd :slight_smile:

Russ Lande(knows his stuff) is a good hire.
Sammy G is not.This guy won't get out of his comfort zone.
If your going to go the Chris Jones protege route than get Mike Davis.
The Reggie White signing is a quality get.Reed was letting his people work.

2 contradictory statements. Reed fired Lande.