Russ Lande and Eric Deslauriers Fired

Due to the new front office cap according to Herb Zurkowsky.

Le dépistage est l’un des nombreux points faibles de cette organisation. J’aurais renvoyé Joe Mack avant par contre.

But Joe Mack stays LMAO!

Reed covering his arse and protecting his uncle Joe Mack…

Big deal! When will they fire the ones they need to fire?

Fiddling while Rome burns?

With the new cap, Football Operations staff is limited to 17 individuals. No mention of a limit on Internationals. :slight_smile:

On the Als website there are currently 28 people listed. If you subtract Lande, Deslauriers, the Team Chaplain, and Serge Harbec who retired, it leaves 24.

So 7 cuts have to be made. Do they bring them all to training camp and make the cuts after pre-season? :slight_smile:

If an individual gets the flu, can we put them on an Injured List and sign a temporary replacement?

Richard, have you made a salary cap budget for Football Operations?

The whole thing is totally ridiculous, dragging the elite teams down to the lower level of teams like the Als.

No Sheldon, I did not bother to make a budget/ an estimate of costs regarding football operations,including coaches. I totally disagreed with that decision. Yes, there could have been reductions/guidelines, but not the ridiculous numbers,particularly dollars. Has nothing to do with cap on players. As far as I know, players won’t pay a dime/won’t contribute when owners don’t make money; furthermore, when we are talking players there are roughly 60 to 65 per team, including players on injured lists and practice rosters, whereas we are talking 3 or 4 individuals per team that make more than the average dollars for players. Most top GMs and Coaches make less than the top QBs.

That’s all I have to say.


Due to the new salary cap that will be imposed on the football operations departments of all CFL teams as of 2019, the Montreal Alouettes announced that they have not renewed the contracts of some members of football operations and of the coaching staff.

Coaches Billy Parker (defensive back coach), Jason Tucker (receivers coach), Chris Mosley (assistant offensive line coach) and Cris Dishman (defensive assistant coach) were advised that their contracts expiring at the end of the year will not be renewed for 2019.

The organization also announced that the contracts of Draft Coordinator and National Scout Éric Deslauriers and Director of College Scouting Russ Lande will not be extended.

Unless we are talking about different things…its 25

It applies to coaches and other football operations staff including general managers, scouts and equipment and video personnel. The number of staff is capped at 11 coaches and 14 other football operations staff.

You guys remember the coordinator promoted to scout Kalele Carter… He still has a job :slight_smile:
They are such a dumpster fire… like Watching Apocalypse Now in drunken state.

I was originally talking only about Football Ops, not the Coaches. At first it was reported to be 17 including training staff. Now they announced 14, not including trainers & therapists.

So, there will be no dedicated receivers coach. Who will coach Ernest Jackson on how to catch the ball? :stuck_out_tongue:

Imagine how many balls Jackson will drop with no dedicated coach…

Mauvaise nouvelle pour Billy Parker. Il avait survécu à la purge de 2017 avec André Bolduc, mais des raisons budgétaires ont finalement eu raison de lui.

Une question légitime seulement si Kavis Reed est assez fou pour gaspiller l’argent des joueurs autonomes pour le re-signer haha… :-[

Last time I checked, the Als had a receiver coach…and a wide receiver coach !

Hey Andrew, want to see what your money is paying for. Ask The Great Kazoo to show you the great players signed by Kalele Carter in the last year.

Not necessarily … maybe just someone cheaper and willing to do double duty of some sort.