Russ Jackson Stamp

Canada Post salutes Ottawa's return to the CFL.

I wonder if they would reissue this stamp if a Canadian QB ever took some meaningful snaps

Fantastic stamp! Kyle Quinlan hopefully looks at this stamp. :?

Man I can't wait until they make throwback stuff...

Me too!!!! Been waiting for years.

During his MVP season, Russ was the best QB in all of football.
Take that No Funners cause back then I watched both leagues and there was no one better not even Johnnie Unitas.

Seeing the stamp, I am reminded how blah the current uniforms are. Hopefully, over time, we will see the old stuff being brought back.

I'd forgotten just how good the old Rough Riders uniforms were.

Yes. They were awesome. I miss them.

Fascinating how it is being spun as a RedBlacks stamp. Russ Jackson not only dominates the area of the stamp, but the recognition factor for RJ is orders of magnitude greater than that of the logo or an as yet unseen/unused stadium. It is a CFL stamp, commemorating the CFL expanding into Ottawa.

I for one think it's an excellent stamp. What better way to welcome Ottawa back than with a pic of not only one of the greatest Canucks to play, but he ranks up there as one of the greatest players, period !

To make certain I am not misunderstood (in case you were including me in the "I for one" aspect) I actually think the stamp looks good. I question the reason for showing a stadium that few will recognize (would say the same about most CFL stadiums) but Jackson is a worthy subject and it is an excellent likeness. The logo has to be there since it the stamp is welcoming the new team back to the CFL. Overall a very good stamp.