Russ Jackson says.....

I heard Russ Jackson on the FAN590 this morning speaking with Mike Hogan. He said the Cats' D is excellent and is good enough to carry them deep into the playoffs!! In a pre-season interview, he also said it didn't make sense to start a CFL novice like Porter ahead of Glenn. Russ Jackson knows.

As for seeing another Canadian QB, he said teams should be allowed to carry a Canadian QB and not count his salary against the cap. There needs to be some kind of incentiveto do it. That guy would run the scrubs offense and get acclimated to the pro game. He said that even he wasn't originally drafted as QB. He was drafted as a DB!!!

An Argo-Cat fan

There was also a piece a couple of days ago in the Toronto Sun with more of Russ Jackson's comments...particularly about reports that the new CFL contract talks include a plan to reduce the number of Canadian players who have to be on the field at the same time.
Good for Russ for raising the issue. He has always been a strong supporter of Canadian talent and how they get short shrift because of the many U-S born GM's. I would not include Obie in that though....and I think over the years the situation has improved in most areas except the QB. He came through a system in his day that was very tough for a Canadian to become a QB...and that still has not changed.
I thought about posting a link on this forum when I read it but I was not at home at the time and it slipped my mind.
I suspect the piece in the Sun was the reason the Fan called him. Good for them. We don't hear enough from Russ Jackson.

A little trivia...........

When Russ Jackson and Ron Lancaster were QB's in Ottawa who was their third string QB.

Hint: Many players back then played both ways.

was it the present ticat gm

That's right. Starting DB and third string QB.

I totally agree with Russ, what a great guy and Canadian Russ Jackson is, glad to see he is still involved doing radio interviews and occasionally see him on TV being interviewed.

Kevin Glenn is the Hamilton Starter at present and the coaches are correct in saying that Quinton Porter and Adam Tafralis are the future of the Cats, they all are very talented individuals in their own right, it’s just that Kevin has more experience and can find his reads quicker and like D-Mac is very quick when he needs to release the ball and hit an open receiver like Arland Bruce, Dave Stala, P-Rod, Drisen James or Marquay McDaniel. I have to say as well all the receivers have been playing great lately finding their open routes and especially hanging onto the ball including guys like Chris Bauman, Cory Grant and Deandra Cobb when he takes a pass.

Another Big Game this Sunday boys against the BC Lions, Let’s Eat the Lions Raw, Go Cats Go!!!

Instead of whinning about the rule change how about coming up with solutions to improving the development of football in this country. They want Canadian qb's, then go out and start qb clinics get out there with the youth and plant a seed in their mind that they can make it, and without a stupid effin rule in place.