RUSS JACKSON added to Canada's Walk Of Fame.

Speaking of Canadian born Q.B.'s , Ottawa's , RUSS JACKSON , will be the first ever former CFL player to be added to Canada's Walk of Fame in , Toronto. :thup: It is about time. :rockin:

Also being added this year are SARAH McLACHLAN , the 1972 Canada Hockey team , ect...

To check out a complete list of Canadian stars of the walk go to their web site.

The difference between our walk and HOLLYWOOD's is that any one can buy a Star for the Hollywood Walk for $10,000.

For the Canadian Walk any one can nominate some one but they have to be voted on by a official panel to get in. :cowboy:

Good for him.
Still gotta question why Bret 'Hitman' Hart isn't on there, though.

If you go to their web site ANY ONE can nominate some one.


That explains why the Hollyweird walk of fame is such a disgusting farce.

Many Canadians won't know who Russ Jackson is, but I thank the panel for inducting him anyway. He was certainly famous in his day - and that's not unlike many famous Canadians. Chances are some who will see his name on the sidewalk will wonder who he is and check it out. That's a good thing for the CFL.

It does help the CFL's image a bit. :thup:

RUSH and many other very famous Canadian stars are on it.

They have about a dozen hockey players of it but RUSS will be the first CFL player ever honoured on this walk.

Good stuff, Im to young to have seen him play but i respect what he did as a QB and also liked listening to him on the radio when he did the Ticat broadcasts. Congrats to him :thup:

Did you hear what he said :

" I was the the 3rd string Q.B. in OTTAWA until the other quarterbacks got hurt [I got my chance] and the rest as they say is history. "

He also said that QUINLAN , could play in this league in he is given a chance. :thup:
He follows MAC. He has seen him play many times.

He would like the Q.B.s to be part of the ratio so that they could have another import at another position. Go figure. :cowboy:

Thescore organized a campaign to get the hitman on the walk of fame, and dispute having more nominations than all others, he was snubbed.

That is too bad :?

The only thing I can think of is that, with the various feuds he has had with others, he doesn't meet the "harmonious" requirement. Seems a bit of a stretch, although it might be what the panel uses for justification for rejecting him.

More likely, the panel members just don't like wrestling.

Maybe they don't think that wrest. is a real sport.

It shouldn't really matter if it's a real sport or not. Wrestling has never really billed itself as a "real" sport. It's purely spectacle and for entertainment purposes only. I will admit I laughed a little and thought it was a joke when I first read that, but I DID know who Bret Hart is. That says something that I would actually know someone from a "sport" I deplore and haven't watched since I was 12. I'd say he's certainly famous, but will likely not get much more recognition for it; wrestling just doesn't get much snob appeal.

It's not the sports walk of fame so i think Bret Hart deserves a spot, he was a international star in the 90's, WWF champion 5 times but im a little bias being a huge Hitman fan growing up.

Awesome that Russ Jackson has been added. I emailed them to say they made a super choice.

Smart move , Earl. It is amazing what the power of 1 positive e-mail of thanks can do. :thup: