Rushing vs Passing

As an outsider, I was wondering what the perspective is from Cats' you find Hamilton's reliance on the run exciting or boring? The Cats are pretty successful with the run (especially against my ARGOS), but they don't seem to have too many large runs. A lot of 6-7 yarders......which is good, effective and does the job well. However, as a football fan, I find it just a bit boring.......and I am in no way slighting the Cats here, just offering my two cents. How do you guys feel being a run-oriented team?

I love a successful and dominating run game. Watching Jesse is a real treat. He's something special for sure.

But, I'm disappointed at the lacking passing attack. Hopefully Danny McManus will have more influence over the offfense. Even if we have to wait for next season, it's great to have him here, in Hamilton!

A running TD and a passing TD are exactly the same thing - 6 points on the board. Besides, Lumsden, Caulley, and Smith ALL have the ability to break a long run...

The way some people have been going on about A)The team's inability to throw a TD pass and B)Printers inability to throw a TD pass, we were losing games because we were scoring the 6pt TD's as opposed to the 12pt passing TD.

How you score is NOT important, just as long as you DO score majors!!!

I love a strong ground game but in the CFL you need to be able to score through the air. A strong passing attack eats up yards in a way that a running game can't. Of course, a TD is a TD no matter how it's scored but with only 3 downs, you can't depend on your backs to run it in on every drive. This team is 2-7 for many reasons and a lack of a passing attack is one of them.

An Argo-Cat fan

You find out your strengths and you craft your approach in gameplanning to maximize them. It's important to try to find balance in both phases, but when you can run like the Cats can, it has to be a primary feature in the approach to playcalling.

Building an identity on the field often flows from building on those strengths. A good running game coupled with a play-action attack can benefit team defence by greater time of possession. It certainly can amp up the physicality of the team during games. Smashmouth football historically has succeeded more than more finesse styles...great teams find a blend of those and create something special all their own.

Oski Wee Wee,

Controlling the clock can wear out defences but having a balanced attack wins games. Having a great running game is half the solution, we need more pass protection so Printers can do his thing.
My 2 cents on the running game.

I like the run game. But of course, I'd prefer to see some nice deep passes. Even 15 yarders consistently. Regardless of who plays qb, it's just not in their repetoire. It's frustrating.

The run game is solid and I know they are going to go well over 150 yds rushing as a team. But unless there are some 30-50 yd runs, it's not that exciting. I don't ever want to lose the running game, but they over rely on it. Our qb's only throw 20 passes per game. That's just not enough.

Even with the best run offense in the league. Cats can't win. This is a passing league where you have to aim for 30 points a game.

Running should be the main thrust of the offense to open up the pass early and control the clock late in the game if you have a lead.

I find both enjoyable but relying on the run as your main weapon will give you a losing record...

We scored 31 pts yesterday and most of our passes were in the dirt.

I don't think the Baltimore Stallions/Montreal Alouettes had much of a problem being a run first team.

I also remember the BC Lions a few years back, I believe going from worst to first with a run based defense with Damon Allen, Sean Millington, and another back who I can't remember. They made a big run late in the season and then ended up winning the Grey Cup. Teams just didn't know who to key on.

Running can be exciting football if successful in the CFL, because it usually requires you to gain 5+ yards a carry, unlike the NFL where then can just plug away at 3+ yards, and the run is usually used to set up the pass in the CFL.

One thing I don't like about the 'Cats running offense is it often employs a single or feature back, and they don't seam to be able to use the run to set up the pass, mostly due to poor pass blocking. With a feature back, teams will key on that player on 1st down. Sooner or later they will only get 2 or 3 yards, and the team will have to pass. Then, as we often saw yesterday, the defense sends a blitz and the QB is unable to get the pass off because our pass blocking and blitz recognition seams poor.

I say keep running, but mix in two backs at times, set up some screen plays, and pass when the opposition starts creeping in. Play action can be huge in the CFL when you have a running game.


You're thinking of Robert Drummond.

Thanks PC45. That's correct. I new someone would remember. That BC running game could not be stopped, and they just ran all the time off the clock. It also helped that Allen could also burn you with his arm.


I’m thinking that with 4 players north of 7 yards per rush average, we do in fact get off a lot of runs longer than 6-7 yards. (Not that it wins us a lot of games.)

To think about what we can do running the ball with out much of a passing attack. Once the receivers mature and we find a tackle or two I can see the Ticats having the best offense in the CFL.

If we could get a better passing attack, you're right, we could have the best offense in the CFL. But I think that'll have to wait until next year when we have some better receivers.

And if a team is only good at one phase on offense, I'm glad we're good at running. In bad weather (rain, snow, wind) the passing game doesn't work very well. Plus, when we're inside the 10, we run it in every time. That's impressive.