Rushing The Football

Run the football keep pounding it at the defense . This game and many other football leagues have gotten (pretty) throwing quik hits , quik reads quik everything .Our Tigercat's have proven they can run the ball but the coaches seem to shy away from it . Pound the ball and keep pounding it for more then 40% .of the time making the opposing team tired sore and waiting for that big o line to come flying off the ball. We being the people who have played some sort of football in our lifes watch this and get so angry why do we try for these short yard plays all the time all it does is spread the D sometimes if we pound the ball even if not picking up a first down all the time still has its ups and downs but the ups are higher meaning sore tired and even burnt right out D line and LB's . So i guess my comment is this we need to Rush the football more we need to physically push people around make them tired and most of all keep our Defense that has kept us in lot's of games well Rested and fresh . Run the ball run it hard and may not be first quarter or even second but it takes its toll... So Run the ball Run Run Run ......

Set your goals high, and don't stop till you get there. Go Cat;s go

I know the price of success:
dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion
to the things you want to see happen.

If they cant establish Cobb they cant win.

Then we are dead.

Cobb is not a "gain 4-5 yards every carry" type of back. He's the "feed him the ball most times you don't get anything, every now and then you get 20 +" type of back.

Great theory but we don't have that big punishing Ronald Williams type of R/B
Next suggestion?

8) Too many times in the past, when we have tried to establish the running game, we usually give
  up on it when it doesn't pay any early dividends.

 The Cats can't abandon it so quickly.  They have to keep pounding away at it, and eventually Cobb
  will spring loose for a big gain (hopefully).

  If we can't establish some kind of a running game against Calgary, we will be in for a long, long night.

Correct on all points, Tip!

A physical tone has to be set against the Calgary front seven to neutralize their pash rush by pounding the rock. Cobb may not be the hammer, but the Cats O-line can be. I would like to see more counters and sweeps than the usual "have Cobb run up the arse of Dyakowski" formula we've been "treated" to in recent weeks. Cobb's value as a receiver out of the backfield has to be exploited, not just as a dump-off checkdown, but going downfield!

Oski Wee Wee,


Doesnt necessarily have to be straight rushing .
Use Cobb rec. out of backfield, underneath etc. something , anything to keep Cal. honest.

See above. Flat/screen passes might pay big dividends if we can get them to bite on a few plays.

8) You are correct on your points also, Russ !! :wink:
 Yes, we have to take advantage of Cobb's quickness and speed, by getting him outside, and as you suggested, a deep receiver.  As well, to counteract Calgary's pass rush, some little screens to Cobb, and then let him ramble !!

If Cobb rushes for 100 yards, we win.

I'd like to see more creativity. Get Caulley in with Cobb and a FB. Force the front 7 to play in a tight box and open up the middle 12 yd area. Lots of options screens multiple formations reverses and such. Won't happen but I think that the strength of our personnel

I don't think the oline is all that great in run blocking(of course they don't get much practice).Most successful rushes this year were of the variety where the back makes his own play.

I agree we need to rush the football, and maybe a little more, and in different ways then what we have so far this year, but ...

I don't think we should go to a primarily run strategy, because it generally does not work in the CFL. The past couple of years we have had great statistics running the ball, and it has not generated a lot of wins. You may be able to run more often with a power back like a Mike Pringle, but we currently don't possess one.

I would like to see a more balanced offense, and some different run looks, but not an offense that always runs on first down. This would potentially just result in more 2 and outs, and result in the defense being on the field more often, not less.


Interesting thread I think. Running the ball or using the pass to set up the run is crucial but then why run if you know you are getting one on one coverage in man to man on a couple guys a lot? Isn't that what receivers are for? In this situation the receiver usually has the advantage. That's why there are coaches up top to see what the defensives are up to. No sense running all the time if you know you are getting some one on one stuff. Oversimplification I know since defenses often have combo type defenses but still, patterns to present themselves I'm sure.

I say give the ball off to cobb atleast 15-20 times and I bet he will get a 100yrds,and imo if we can get 100yrds rushing than I bet we will be able to get about 300 yrds passing.
Lets keep them guessing.

If the splits are wide on defense and backers are looking to the flats for that, you have to run the ball, have to.

We need to keep the ball out of Calgary's hands.

If we try to run Cobb up the gut on 2nd down
and he isn't getting 6 or 7 yards a carry

we will have too many 2nd down and outs.

Calgary just revamped their D-line with Claybrooks

and 2 returnees from last year's Grey Cup
winning team are back from NFL tryouts.

Quinton will set up to pass on 2nd and long
and run if he can't locate an open receiver.

Our O.C. will exploit the area of the field
they are giving us with whatever works.