Rushing stats - trivia

Some observations from looking at the league rushing stats:

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  • Lumsden has an impressive 7.0 yard rushing average, and he is not even first on our team. In fact, he is fourth!
  • There are 6 players in the league that have more than 100 yards rushing, and an average of 7 yards or more. 4 of them are Tiger-Cats.
  • We have 5 players with 2 or more rushing touchdowns. (Rest of the league combined: 13 players)
  • 5 of the top 18 rushers (by yards) are Tiger-Cats.


  1. It's a slow day at the office.
  2. I'm cheating a little, since half of this week's games have not yet been played.

As I said in another post.
"Just a thought for whatever it's worth. I wonder what a play with a 3-back set with Lumsden, Caulley, and Smith would do. With Williams ability to to sell the hand-offs to the decoy(s) and giving the ball to any of the 3 backs via the ground or the air, the D would be guessing the whole time. A lot of plays, options, and blocking schemes could be run off that. Would be fun to see."