Rushing QB's

Rushing Yards on the Season

  • Streveler - 726
  • Evans - 161

Somehow, I don’t mind. ;D

In the free agent derby, I don’t think any team will commit to Streveler as their starting QB. But yes, he sure can run.

I think Evans shows pretty good escapability. It’s hard to catch him in the backfield. (Not quite as hard to separate him from the ball though.)


For reference, wasn’t Masoli close to 500 rush yards last year?

Streveler might not be starter quality but he has a place in the CFL. Perfect backup, short yardage or special package QB.

Streveler makes a nice one-two with Harris. But I think without a strong running back to pair with, he needs to improve his passing game in order to be a club’s go to starter. Indeed, in the CFL, relying primarily on a running game is a tough road, especially if your team falls behind by a couple of TDs.

Having a rushing QB that you count on and put all your hopes on isn’t necessarily a good thing. I’d rather have a QB who can dodge around the pocket, give himself time to throw and then push forward a bit and quickly give himself up before getting “HURT?. Doesn’t do anyone any good to have a QB try to rush for 1000yds a season when he is the critical piece!
Eg Streveler, Reilly. Thatz why you have RBs.