Rushing leader 2008?

Of course it will be roberts.

If he Stays Healthy Jesse Lumsden
If not Charles Roberts

I voted for Chuck, but I will be interested to see how many people vote for Edwards.....

If Lumsden can stay healthy, it could be a 4 way race.
Reynolds is the best all round back in the league.
Joe Smith is a horse and gets props as defending champ, and Lumsden was running away with the title before his injury--light years ahead of the number two guy.

But Roberts is special, so it is hard to bet against him. Plus he has arguably the best o-line in the league in front of him.

I voted for Lumsden, I believe if he stays healthy all year, no one will come close to him in yardage. If he does get injured again, then its a close race between Smith and Roberts.

Umm.......better update the poll. Edwards was released by Toronto a few weeks ago.

I think it will be Charley. I mean the man is small but hes strong, and fast. Smith is strong but hes a one way guy. if u get to him fast, hes not going anywhere. Lumsden on the other hand could win it. But i agree with you Arius, Roberts does have one of the best or the best O-Line in the league. I vote Roberts.

for Toronto It will be Ebell or Anthony Davis

Why does Edmonton keep getting left out of these polls? They do have a running back, you know...

At any rate, I also voted for Lumsden. :smiley:

why isn't Ricky Willliams an option?

They do?

I think its just another ugly marty york rumour.

You are aware that Toronto released Edwards?

Lumsden wins by a land-slide, if healthy all year.

if not, sir charles.

main words i see all around if lumsden stays healthy. he is made of more glass then DD.

not possible.
dickenson is "MR.GLASS"

..Smith...the guy had more touches, more yards, less fumbles, more TDs then all the other premier backs in 07...Wally is not going to let an asset like that gather dust...

...Lumsden sucumbs to injuries by week 5, Roberts pouts after week 6, Reynolds will be an unused weapon by week 2....Smith rolls to his second rushing title with ease...

I would have to agree redandwhite the Lions have a very goo O line to help open those holes for Smith. As far as the others it could be close or not who knows until the games are played.

Hope its Lumsden. Gotta love a good Canadian. But I voted for Joe Smith.


He may be no sweetness, but that doesnt mean he cant be sugar!

If they both stay healthy, it will be between Lumsden and Smith. My vote goes to Smith.