RUSH...great new live DVD : R30

Kanga you made as well be a rider fan.
I have the same respect for you as I do for rider fans.

SORRY , but we ALSO have LEONARD COHEN , JONI MTICHELL , NEIL YOUNG and THE BAND who are ALL in the CANADIAN HALL.They are all also , in the... U.S. ROCK and ROLL Music Hall of Fame , as well. NEIL YOUNG, is in there 2 times. :shock:

k.d. LANG , [4 GRAMMY'S] , GOWAN , isn't in there yet , and neither is , BRYAN ADAMS [ 2 GRAMMY's and a OSCAR]. But they will be some day , in the Canadian one. :wink:

HOW about.....? ....CELINE DION? [A GRAMMY, for CD OF THE YEAR , 1 year and an , OSCAR]....SARAH MC? [several Gammy's]...SHANIA TWAIN , [5 GRAMMY'S, and 28 BMI awards]....ect........?

Alanis MOR? [Grammy for CD of the year]

CELINE DION , is the world's largest selling female artist of ALL time [176 million , in sales, so far] and SHANIA TWAIN , is the largest selling female country artist of ALL time. :smiley: :wink:

Even , in the U.S.A. :shock: :smiley: 45 million CDS sold in the U.S. , alone , for SHANIA. :shock: :smiley:


Man hellothere you are very smart.
Where do you get all these facts.
I'm not being a smart ass either.
I'm very impressed.Then again you are an Argo fan.
I never knew those facts.Thanks.
Neil Young,cohen,dion.
That amny copies sold in the states.I never said the Americans were smart!!!
Anyways.I just gave you my opinion.

Nothing wrong with your opinion :wink: , ......and that was funny statement about Americans. :lol: But CELINE and SHANIA's sales are also , WORLD WIDE. :wink:

NICKELBACK's :shock: ...[another bad Canadian band] CD just debute at # 1 on the U.S. billboard charts , and # 1 on the Canadian charts. :shock:

Thanks. I have 3 main hobbies...the CFL , music , and music history. :smiley:

And I think that the BEST ROCK and POP ever came from , ENGLAND. From , ELTON JOHN , OZZY , the BEATLES , THE STONES , THE WHO , GENESIS , YES , LED ZEP to PINK FLOYD...ect..........ect.........ect........but , I am old... :lol: :lol: :lol:

you forgot...OASIS, Blur and the Verve.....the brit-pop revival of the 1990's...

Rush Rules...Still going after 30 years...and they dont have Corn ball lyrics like " I Like the Whitestains on your dress" Dont Forget ALex Lifeson is probably the most under rated Guitar player in Rock... :slight_smile:

hellothere, I salute you for your knowledge of popular Canadian music.

On the topic of Rush though, weird setlist for this DVD... it looks like mostly a mish-mash of other songs and covers that they wanted to play on the Vapor Trails tour but didn't have the time.

I can't recommend this one for casual Rush fans, but it looks like a good "complement" DVD to Rush in Rio for those die-hard Rush fanatics out there....

But why oh why do they keep playing "Roll the Bones"? Arguably Rush's worst song...

GREAT points , but remember this DVD is HI-DEFINITION which takes allot more space on the DVD. I understand that some of the missing songs didn't work out that well and they only put in the best sounding and best looking songs on the DVD........The second DVD of RUSH rarities , looks really good.

In studio versions of , LA VILLA , CIRCUMSTANCES , A FARE WELL TO KINGS , XANADU.....and FREE WILL , from the TORONTO ROCKS, DVD..ect...not bad. :smiley: :shock: :smiley:

I know what you mean about , ROLL THE BONES :roll: ...why not , SECRET TOUCH?..... or anything , else. :roll:

But you also get the 2 live CDS [same set list , as the live DVD] only with THE DELUXE EDITION + 2 guitar pics and an old back stage pass. :smiley:

I LOVE , RUSH IN RIO :smiley: ...but this DVD should have better sound, than RIO. I have no problem with the sound of RIO , because it is as real live as you can get on a concert , DVD. BUT, I also want a LED ZEP like [How The West Was Won, DVD].... sounding , RUSH LIVE DVD! :wink:

This is a great counterpart , to RIO , as you write

Casual fans will not get this at all.......but WE WILL :lol: :wink: :lol: :smiley:

The one I really wanna see is Between the of my darkhorse favs..very thought provoking lyrics and applies even today.. although wrote many years ago. Thats why I love Rush... unconventional ... Non Mainstream music ... just 3 guys going beserk on there instruments. :slight_smile:

What a interesting combination of of the few times A RIDER, TO & EDM fan can actually agree on something LOL

Incredible, i thought you had a bad taste for everything. I see you like good music, so i guess you just cheer for a crappy football team. I saw KISS twice in concert and have some autographed pictures as well.

What is this? Rush? The only Rush we should be talking is the Rushing yards for running backs and/or the pass rush from the great D's of the league.

That is one of their best songs...and I am happy that it made it to this live DVD.And the live CDS. :smiley:

And an ARGO fan also agreeing with an ED. and SASK fan ,as well. :shock:

MUSIC can unite! :wink: :smiley: