RUSH...great new live DVD : R30

[url=] ... 1001305124[/url]

see the above link for the set list :smiley:

This is awesome for....... RUSH fans............ :shock: :smiley:

1 live DVD of there 30th Anniversary Tour, filmed using 14 hi-definition cameras and in DOLBY DIDITAL 5.1 surround sound.......1 DVD of RUSH rarities... and 2 live RUSH CDS [deluxe edition] :shock: :smiley: :shock: :smiley:

you can per order this from or

what does this have to do with the CFL?

Ah hellothere.
We disagree on something.
Rush most over rated canadian band of all time.
Geddy lee the hamster face boy.
Neal peart(SP) is a really good drummer.I will give them that.
Oh well.No hard feelings Hellothere!!!

nothing...but sometimes people post off topic stuff.....and some people here my be RUSH fans.For them this is big news.

hey they are allot better than KISS. :lol: :lol: :lol: but that ain't hard to do.

O.K. now it is 2 things we don't agree on.
I love KISS.
Hellothere lets not talk music.
I still love ya!!!!

Is there any techno group that is Canadian?

Please lady. Rush have been the inspiration of countless groups and peeps. 3 excellent musicians. You may not like their kind of music, but overated ? Heck no !

Over rated.
I'm sticking with it.
The drummer is amazing.One of the best.
Geddy Lee singing is for the birds.
Who the hell did they inspire?

Sakargo - it is a scientific fact that women cannot like Rush. It has been tested under strict laboratory conditions.

But Rush is one of the best progressive rock acts ever. Period.

Geddy Lee is reknowned as one of the best bass players in rock history, and Neil Peart is is often called the best drummer ever. And his lyrics kick ass!

I love my Rush in Rio DVD - I'll have to check this out...

Your right he is one of the best drummers in the world.
As for Geddy lee being the best Base player.Bass guitar is one of the most easiest insturments to play.
I play drums.I have respect for Peart.
Geddy Lee on the other hand.No respect!!!

Maybe you need to play bass also to understand. It's easy to play bass in most blues or in simple rhythm sections like AC/DC. But Geddy is all over the place... and I have respect for anyone who sings at the same time they play an instrument (not an easy task). Plus Geddy plays the synths, too.

He's a versatile guy to have in any band, like him or not.

But I can understand why Rush turns you off - it's an acquired taste.

Yeh it is a band either you like,or you don't.
I don't.

I knew you would stick with it. But like it or not, they inspire countless groups and musicians. Just a few, Metallica, Primus, Barenaked Ladies, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dream Theater… They were the king of progressive music.

But heck, my wife hate them too… :smiley:

saskargo loves...KISS...that explains allot. :lol: :wink: :smiley:

Metallica is very good.
I can see the influence on Lars.
Malmsteen is a legend.
The rest of the bands who really cares.
Alot of people are inspired from Joni Mitchell.Doesn't mean she is talented.
If AC/DC said Rush was the best band ever.Does that make them talented?

RUSH , have won many music mag awards , are in the Canadian music hall of fame...and they have sold over 50 million CDS , world wide. :smiley:

30 million copies in the U.S. , alone. :shock:

THE DVD RUSH IN RIO, is certified DIAMOND in , CANADA. :shock:

The CD ...2112... is their sound. :wink:

Can...KISS...even play their instruments. :lol:

I don't mind Rush but when it comes to music, I don't care if they are from Canada or not. If I hear a song and I like it, I don't care where the band is from.

I said I like Kiss.I never said they were the most talented.
Yes they all play their own instruments.
As for being in the Canadas music hall of fame.I think gowan is in there.Heck I think K.D.Lang is in there.Not to much talent in music from Canada.
The Guess Who,Nickelback,Old Bryan Adams,Triumph,Harlequin,April Wine are good.However compared to American music,Canadas talent doesn't compare.

You wanna kiss, Saskaargo? OK (puckers up) j/k

(Large slap sound!)