Runningbacks? Where is Bracey now?

Now that Russell has been released and could end up on the practice roster i was wondering is that where Bracey is now or is he gone??? Does anyone know i havent seen a report on him since he was released.

Im hoping Russell stays on the practice roster

As far as I know, Bracey is on the 46 man roster....and I half expect him to get some playing time this week.

Bracey is on the practice roster

Are we really that comfortable with Childs?

Please forgive my post. I forgot about Wes Cates. I'd like to see him as Childs still isn't one hundred percent proven. Also, I think it's good Austin has made some decisive decisions in releasing Russell and placing Shermar on the practice roster. Kinda feel bad for Shermar. Hope he gets a chance somewhere to play.

lol, Wes Cates isnt exactly what I would would call proven either..

LOLL! j_man, Wes hasn't even stepped on the field yet. Let's see what he can do before you get cocky.

What? All I said was he isnt proven..

I apologise j-man. Sometimes I get a little too excited about rider talk. No disrespect ever. Lets hope for a big game outta one of our RB’s whoever it may be.