RunningBack situation

With Cory Holmes out on Thursday with an ankle injury and Anthony Davis with an injury to the knee what will happen if Ranek gets hurt?Who will come in?

Ranek is hurt too. If you saw him running on Saturday he was nowhere near 100%.
The only back not injured is Aidoo.

Yikes, I like Kojo but me thinks we're in big dodo with Aidoo as our sole healthy back.

No Kidding! And people are calling for heads???? We are hurting on O and D!

This team needs to get healthy and somebody will have to step up and fill the voids!

If Ranek goes down (big if) I believe Kojo can fill in admirably. He's a good back, he's just had the stigma on being on a team constantly loaded with good backs.

Go Aidoo Go! Aidoo Believe!

In a pinch couldn't Yeast play a little RB?


but Aidoo did well when he had his touches last year.

Radlien can also carry the load if needed...

Umm… he shys away from hits bt DBs and HBs weighing under 200lbs - what do you think he’ll do running into 275+ lb D-linemen?

I don't have faith in any of the running backs to give us good performances other than the ones who are currently injured.
The one game I saw Aidoo do well in was in the latter part of a game that was already off and the defense was laying back.
Aidoo has been with the team long enough at this stage and if it weren't for Marshall, he'd likely be a forgotten memory.

Aidoo spent the first two seasons with the team trying to recover his form after breaking his leg. All accounts from training camp this year were that he was finally running comfortably, for the first time since he joined the team.

It's worth giving him a shot if the others are injured. I think he's more of a short-yardage back, with his strength and low centre of gravity, but he's also shown decent breakaway speed in the past. I wouldn't expect him to come out and go for 100+ yards and two TDs, but if he could just be enough of a threat that the passing game could come together, it would be enough until Ranek and Holmes heal up.

aidoo is amazingA! we was running pretty good at the end of last year but was running great in camp. i think he should get sum reps this week because ranek isnt doing that good.