Runningback Clutter...what to do with at least on RB?

IMO I do not think that we can keep 4 above average runningbacks on this team. With signing a potential all-star in Kenton Keith, and already having an (injured-most-of-the-time) allstar in Jesse Lumsden, a legitimate backup (if not starting) RB in Terry Caulley, and an up and comming RB in Tre Smith, I believe that we just might have TOO much talent in the backfield to keep everyone happy. But the question is...what do we do with one of them in order to make everyone happy?

I think the best solution is to get rid of lumsden via trade, and if that is not possible then just let him play out his contract and not resign him. I know I am going to get criticized for saying that but I just dont think for the best interest of the team that getting rid of Caulley or Smith would be a better solution to the pileup at RB, and here is my reasoning...

Jesse is two years older than both Caulley and Smith and has a history of minor AND major injuries. Jesse makes a lot more than both Caulley and Smith and both of them have a 6.8 AVG and 8.3 AVG yard per carry respectively compared to Jesse's 7.0 AVG. Now those numbers are astounding for all three running backs but I think Jesse is injured too much to be making the kind of money he makes for having an avg in the middle of both Caulley and Smith.

Caulley is probably already upset with the signing of Keith, with the numbers he has put up in Jesse's place, which are good enough to be starting material and then getting demoted to third RB on the depth chart when Jesse returns. To keep an injured runningback for another season with a potential starting running back sitting on the bench waiting will not help his confidence or morale. And we can only think how tre smith would feel after his rookie season.

IMO the best bet to get around a player controversy at RB is to get rid of at least one player, and that player that I think needs to go in order to keep peace is Jesse Lumsden, but I would love to hear other opinions about it.

Tre Smith or Lumsden need the ticket out.

lumsden needs to go

as much as I dont want to see Jesse go, i think in the best interests he would be the one to go

Nothing like signing someone else at the only position we have depth.

You can probably add Piercy to that list.

8) Don't be too surprised if it is Caulley that goes !!!!

Keep Caulley and Jesse. Share the load between KK/Jesse and platoon Caulley.

That would be a damn scary backfield. Lots of screens, draws and play actions to keep the D on their toes and open up the field.

Sign Jesse to a performance oriented bonus contract. That is fair to both sides and still leaves KK and TC to play if Jesse does go down for a couple of games.


thing is, how do you plan on getting jesse and kenton equal playing time and touches to keep them happy and then have enough time to throw passing plays in the mix?

I think it would be interesting to see Caulley at slot back, he would be a force on reverses.

That's the beauty of a killer backfield...

Run the ball down the D's throat until they choke on our RB's speed and power. Throw in a couple of screens then hit the play action option, throw on some and keep some. Try a couple of QB runs. The d-line will be so spent that our QB can then look for some intermediate and long throws.

The whole playbook opens up for us.

Run the wishbone!

My friends, when is the trade deadline?

We certainly have and or will have several assets now and at that moment.

If Keith plays well, he has a signed contract someone may want particularly for a Grey Cup run and the following two years. We hold the cards for a change.

If someone wants to take a risk on Jesse,(I hope he stays). If someone wants to start Cauley which I think he is capable of.

We will also have at least one of the top three picks probably.

Personally, I would not trade Printers unless the deal was very good for us. I am in the camp that we would have the Anthony Cavillo scenario repeated if he got traded.

If any one of these or a combination brings back a young starting o-lineman or d-lineman or a veteran wideout and perhaps a 2nd round pick that works for me.

Preferably an o-lineman if we can get Mace to sign from the Bills practice roster.

Just a thought or two

Now there's an idea! :stuck_out_tongue:

no doubt there are many possibilites that we could run with all of them on the roster, but do you really think all of them will be happy with such a crowded backfield?

At minimum one has to go, two unless Jesse KK or Terry Caulley is willing to play slot. KK indicated he would be willing to do such tonight on the CP radio show.

When interviewed CP laughed at the suggestion that Jesse consider playing slot.

Personally, I think it would be great. He would scare the daylights out of dbs straight up.

Caulley could be a kind of new version of Archie Amerson if he would play there.

That's the only way I see all three staying someone has to play slot not to mention I would like to see any one of them on the punt and or kick returns.

In my opinion caulley has the most trade value of the caulley lumsden and smith. I really like caulley but i think if you trade him a long with a draft pick we will get something very nice in return. jesse will be gone either through trade or free agency but not sure what teams will be willing to give up for him considering his tendency to injure. But if all was to work out perfect i would keep caulley as number two keith a number 1 and smith as 3 and as our return man. jesse has to go!

I think everyone myself included just has the thought that Jesse would come back to be an allstar no matter where he went.

I hope he stays but someone has to change position.