Runningb backs's

who do u think is going to be our staring running back this year ?

Jesse Lumsden at RB
Julian Radlein at FB
Corey Holmes at slot back/Running Back/utility guy

Well I do like Corey Holmes but i think he should be used more at slotback then Running back, I dont think he is that great coming out of the back field but is still one of the top players in the league

so at Running Back i have to go with Jesse Lumsden

And no offense to him but i dont think Anthony Davis is that great

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Well, Lumsden...on paper, barring injury. Holmes will get time in the slot this year, so you will see both men on the field at the same time a lot (even when both start in formation in the backfield).

Expect Holmes to be used a la Thomas Haskins when Taaffe coached Haskins in Montreal. Holmes should catch a lot of balls from HB and SB this year.

Running backs by committee may be one way to look at it, but I really think Jesse can emerge this year.

Anthony Davis when healthy should prove to be a very interesting complement to the big two.

  1. Lumsden
    1A) Holmes
  2. Davis

Oski Wee Wee,

interseting i belive that in the gun they will use holmes in the slot and run a to back set with davis and lumsden

Depending on the opposition,Some D,s cover the run better than others, But some are more focused on pass cover, ie- The Args. They have the best pass cover d in the Cfl , But they dont protect against the runnung attack, re(Davis set team record for 1 game yards vs args)-- So against a D like the Args imo go with a 3back set Lumsden ,Holmes,Davis!!!

This team has the perfect blend for a jumbo pkg. strong,weak,counter,screen,option,play action... a linebackers nightmare! Nice call destruction.