Running up the score

Montreal's lose to Ottawa is exactly why I say there is no such thing as running up the score. In the CFL you never have enought points. Or a big enough lead.

I am NOT repeat NOT saying the Als took it easy on Ottawa but had they scored another TD in the third and the defence had held, I'm sure they would have been accused of it,

My point is you can never sit back and take it easy.

That's a good point and I have never accused any team of running up the score. Even if they were, these guys are pros and it's part of the game.

Funny, because after watching Ottawa vs Montreal through the 3rd quarter last night, I was all set to post up a rant here as to how Don Matthews should start playing Ted White in the "garbage" time. Perhaps there is no such thing as garbage time in the CFL.

Maybe he should have played him. Calvillo didn't do much in the 4th quarter.

That was the game for Canada day! no doubt

My american friends at my Canada Day party enjoied it!

Ottawa was wearing their thrid Altinet Jerseys right?

In the CFL ANYTHING can happen. I remember a number of years ago when Winnipeg was behind 16 points with about a minute and a half to play. The Bombers scored a touchdown, then got the ball back on a short kickoff. They scored another touchdown and AGAIN got the ball back on a short kickoff. With time almost expired they ran a couple of plays and kicked a field goal to win by 1 point. I remember sitting in shock thinking about what the heck just happened! Only in the CFL.......

I agree -just by the nature of the rules, it's a lot harder to protect a lead in the CFL than it is in the NFL

yes, those were their 3rd jerseys. very sharp looking if you ask me. i still want to see them play in the black jerseys

I agree.

Ottawa should have black jerseys with red and white trim, and Calgary should use red jerseys with black and white trim.

I think there should be no exceptions to this (especially Calgary's black jerseys - I hope whoever came up with those ugly things was sniffing glue at the time).

Remember last week I told you not to take our defence lightly??? :roll:
And you all laughed.
Well, I told you so.
Go Rens Go!